An Expert's View On Getting A Free iPhone

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Getting a free iPhone may seem like a crazy idea but if you actually analyze the specifics surrounding it the concept is not all that foreign. Many companies offer iPhones as prizes in giveaways because they know that they are in high demand. People want the phones that do more than just call people. They want to be able to text, surf the internet, take pictures and videos, and do countless other activities with the addition of applications which are easily downloaded onto the device.

Many websites offer free iPhones for simply entering a sweepstakes where you enter your name and contact information. One example is through Threadless where you have to design a tee shirt design and the best one wins. This was a unique idea.

The most popular type of entry is by requiring you to find a website that offers a free iPhone after you complete some of their partner offers. These can vary from something as simple as completing a free trial of a movie service to creating an account on a website. Typically the number of offers gives you a great variety to choose from. Always be sure that you know all of the requirements that are set in the fine print of the offer. The general rule of thumb is that the bigger the prize, the more offers that you will have to complete. In order for the item to actually be free whether it is an iPhone, gaming console, or iPod, you need to be sure that you do choose free offers and if you sign up for free trials be sure that you cancel them before they charge your credit card. You don't want to pay tons of money for something that is advertised as free if you can help it.

The next step is the one that may cause a bit of confusion if you don't understand it completely. You need to be sure that the specified number of friends required for the offer do the same thing. This is why it is called a referral. You are referring your friends to the offers. Then they do the same thing and everyone does offers for everyone. It's a big circle of people completing offers in order to get free gifts.

It does seem a little fishy though because a logical person thinks of the idea that there is no such thing as getting something for nothing but that is the beauty of the whole idea. Everyone is getting something. The company who is offering you the electronic item has a deal with the offering companies you work with. For every sign up they get a portion of the sales and get commission. When you complete enough offers they get a profit which allows them to give you something like an iPhone and still make money. You both benefit here. The company also gets money when your friends complete offers which is why they require a certain number to do so in order to qualify.

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