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Divorce is something no man or woman ever wants to go through. We all wish for the love in our marriage to last forever, and when we are dealing with a divorce we are burdened with many stressful emotions. It effects the children and the entire family bond. A military divorce can be just as, if not even more, stressful especially in the current member of the services is an active member. So, what precautions should an active service member take when having to deal with a divorce?
Members of active military should look in to the Civil Relief Act. The Civil Relief Act, drafted in the 1940s, has been amended on several occasions through the decades, and was changed as recently as 2004. The act provides service members with legal protection from divorce proceedings in order for them to continue to focus on their duties as a member of the United States military service. The act delays the process of the divorce for the entirety of the active members service, and up to 60 days after they are no longer an active member.

In order for the state to have any jurisdiction in a military divorce proceeding, the active member must be served with a petition explaining the filling of the divorce. There can be problems with this detail because no one wants to put more of a burden on an active member than what they are already having to deal with each day. It is more often the case that informing a service member of a possible divorce is suspended until that member returns from their service duty. A lawyer is always able to provide all the information necessary for both the service member and their spouse to understand the best course of action in the event of a divorce. If there are ever any questions or concerns, they are always willing to all they help they can. The best weapon anyone can have is knowledge, and by staying informed and up to date on all the details of a divorce, one can be prepared for the situation, and will know the best plan of attack without any surprises.

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