An End of Aging

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The common thought hovering in the mind of people is that whether the modern science is capable enough to restrict aging!! From the remarkable developments and research in this direction we can smoothly predict that the way to restrict old age is already been founded and the future developments in this vicinity will give us a fruitful remedy to stay young and healthy.

We would like to throw some light on the scientific discoveries which clearly supports the above statement.

Experiments conducted on rats:
Early experiments conducted by Dr. Clive M. McCay of Cornell University showed significant extension of life span by almost 50%(from 3 years to 4.5 years) in rats by giving them calorie restricted diet. The rats under observation also showed stability in mental function and physical fitness. On the basis of these results, similar studies were conducted on guinea pigs, fish, mice and single celled organisms which showed similar life extension.

Life extension research on monkeys:
Similar research was conducted on rhesus monkeys in two US centres. Dr. George S. Roth of the National Institute of Aging leads the first study which includes rhesus monkeys and squirrel monkeys having life span of 35 years and 20 years respectively. The second research was initiated at University of Wisconsin-Madison. The monkeys were kept under observation for 10 years and the results showed that monkeys following calorie restricted diet were much healthier and more active clearly indicating that monkeys react same as rats on a calorie control diet.

Hope for life extension in human beings:
From the present development and future perspectives we can definitely say that hope for life extension in human beings in very bright. Research on monkeys can be consider significant as humans differ genetically from monkeys by just 1%. Similar studies were conducted on human beings under the supervision of renowned gerontologist, Professor Roy L. Walford (University of California). A group of volunteers were kept on diet plan for six months out of which men lost 12 kgs weight and women reduces by 7 kgs, the blood pressure was well under control and were healthy mentally as well as physically. Calorie restriction started in middle age can increase the life span by 10-20%.

Aging Mechanism:
All researchers and scientists agree to one point that the reason for aging is the accumulation of damaged molecules. The damage is caused by free radicals which are generated as by products of different biochemical processes in the body. Calorie restriction reduces the production of free radicals there by decreasing mitochondria damage. Mitochondria use oxygen and nutrients to synthesize adenosine triphosphate which is known as fuel of body. Our cells contains antioxidant defense system which destroys the free radicals but if present in large numbers they can damage DNA, proteins, unsaturated fatty acids and genetic material. Eventually increased in the free radicals results into aging.

Read Carefully:
It is possible to delay accumulation of free radicals by following a proper calorie restricted diet. This can lead to significant increase in the life span which directly suggests that diet restriction not only gives thinner look but also provides more energy and strength.

Suggestions for long and healthy life:
(1) Budget: Generally it is very difficult to follow diet restriction if you mostly spend money on food. It is really a big challenge to promote diet restriction in hungry societies. After all it all depends on self consciousness.
(2) Education: Sufficient knowledge and education is required to follow a low calorie diet. Also it is not sure that good wealth will bring healthier life as it is very well said, Wealth brings its own problem.
(3) Motivation: Control diet requires inner strength and self motivation. We live in a stressful life where we find ourselves snacking away from the situation rather then finding out the ways to over come the stress.
(4) Psychology: Often it happens that you keep on pondering that how I will manage to control my hunger? Or what if I would get weak? The only way out for this situation is to control your emotional peace and support. This will help you to achieve the low calorie diet habit very easily.

Still if you are not convincing about the life extension methods, please have a look at promotion of fasting by the world religions.

Scientifically it is already proved that longevity diet (low calorie diet) helps to achieve life extension. Longevity diet consists of selected few calories food which are high in vitamins and minerals which helps you to integrate all type of nutrients thereby avoiding the high calorie foods which are responsible for aging. It is found that longevity diet offers 20% more calorie restriction which includes quality foods providing all required nutrients to your body, eliminating the need of fasting. The strongly recommended foods for longevity diets are red cabbage, grapes, tomatoes, olives, apples, beets, spinach, napa cabbage, collard greens, lettuce, egg whites, kale, walnuts, legumes, cottage cheese, tofu, prunes, chicken breast, whole grains, sardines, salmon, olive oil and red wine sea vegetables.

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