An assortment of arts forms existing in Indian culture

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Art is a creative, imaginative and conceptualized studio attached to literary, visual or performing in nature. It has nonscientific knowledge, considered collectively. Art is a global activity with certain principles and disciplines and can be described in different forms. Best examples of Art include: Performing Arts, Visual Arts Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, Museum of Decorative Arts, Design, Martial Arts, Design and Crafts, etc.

Art is an important part of culture which is composed of many creative activities, discipleship and rules. "Art", usually named after the visual arts. The art includes visual, literary and performing in nature. Performing arts is primarily dance, music, movies and theaters. And is spacious, but only conceptualized. There are other varieties of art is in nature.

Fine Arts is an art developed primarily from the imagination and creativity with some conceptualization of no practical approach. The major concepts for fine art is painting, music, dance, sculpture, poetry and architecture with drama and dance as a minor disciples. Fine Arts is commonly consisting of visual and performing arts which include painting, sculpture, calligraphy, music, dance, theater, architecture, photography and graphics, drawing, comics, mosaics and conceptual art.

Liberal Arts mainly Trivium (includes grammar, logic and rhetoric), Quadrivium (astronomy, arithmetic, geometry and music), and mechanical arts, such as agriculture, cooking, metal industry, business and cloth weaving, etc. In modern art, they are usually humanities included. Humanities include history, philosophy, linguistics and literature.

The liberal arts: the general knowledge of the liberal and develop the students' ideas, skills and logical capacity in technical and professional manner. These liberal arts are nothing more than studying literature, history, science and philosophy.

Study of Business include study of Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Journalism and mass communications, Political Science called liberal arts and science, because the candidate with the big, business and other above specified as additional explanation of the wider opportunities to develop business in various areas.

Same as above, the study of law involves the study of political sciences, journalism, the liberal arts, for which the successful candidate with the big law as described above and others as additional offers greater flexibility to deal with various criminal or social matters with ease.

Following are the few key issues identified Liberal Arts and Sciences globally

Actuarial science, economics, geography, geology, Linguistics, Mathematics and Computer Science, International Studies, Speech Communication, East Asian languages and cultures, Germanic languages and literature, anthropology, astronomy, religion, psychology, molecular and cell biology, etc.

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