An Artist's Approach

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Audible are only soft blues and scratches. All in a circle, seventeen artists use their talents with pastels, paints, and pencils to put together a single subject. Atop a small bench in the center sits the subject, a dance instructor in workout clothes, looking upward. Thank you for reading about dog portrait from photo and paintings.

With some artists, they focus on her upswept hair and charming features. Others use either long strokes or shading to do justice to her lovely limbs. A Crystal Lake painter has chosen to superimpose watercolor outlines of the model's various poses across one page, creating the illusion of movement. She uses the group's weekly sessions to improve her figure drawing skills and other newer techniques that she rarely uses as a landscape artist.

She says, unlike with musicians and their instruments, most people don't associate practice with drawing. She stands back to assess today's art and finds she likes it. Whether the work is an accidental result of a practice session or a planned, lengthy study involving multiple sittings and photo sessions, portraiture is a unique art form that interprets something everyone can intimately connect with which are the human face and figure.

Twenty years ago one of their group disappeared to the business world, but she returned two years ago, reclaiming her love for portraiture. For her, portraits have always stood out. The artist is sensitive to what the subject is expressing at any moment and tries to catch these emotions on canvas. She uses surprising color combinations of dark green, blue, yellow and white to portray the confidence of the model. Visit christmas baby portrait ideas to learn more about paintings.

The face is more than just colors to the artist. Lighting is everything, adding cool tones, like greens and blues, and warm tones, like yellows and whites. Renoir was a master of this, and she is attempting to follow his tradition. In commissioned work, there are two methods, which are live sittings and photographs. While photos are convenient, live sittings allow the artist to observe the subject's personality first hand. But capturing it on canvas can be a challenge. Personality pops surprisingly and fleetingly. For her, paintings are not photographs taken just for likeness. Her aim is to capture one's inner qualities, which makes her portraits all the more fascinating.

Another consideration is how to balance artistic urges with a patron's requirements. Another trick is using vibrant colors to highlight the subject.

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