An Adobe Photoshop CS2 Top Features Tutorial

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Adobe Photoshop CS2 is a very much popular program among photographers and other creative professionals. The unique features, easy to handle tools and the image qualities make the tool a very popular one. Some of the new features of the Photoshop CS2 make the product a loved one by amateur and professionals alike. The top features explained in this Photoshop CS2 tutorial are as follows:

Lens correction: The optical lens correction feature helps you to correct the lens distortions problems like the pincushion and barrel. Using this feature you can also fix the vignette problems and chromatic aberrations in your picture easily.

Healing Brush: The healing brush can be used to your images to retouch the photos with a single click. You can even correct your 16-bit images using this feature.

Adobe Bridge: File handling in CS2 has become very easy with the Adobe Bridge feature. It works like a file browser and lets you to process the raw images, label the pictures, and quickly review the images in a slideshow mode. You can edit the metadata of the files easily to arrange and organize them.

Vanishing Point: Using this feature you can clone your pictures, paste desired elements into it so that it merges with the rest of the picture, and paint it accordingly. These can be done in very less time and does not require any complex tools, just a few seconds.

Photomerge: The Photomerge feature lets you to arrange and combine multiple images seamlessly to create a visual panorama using the CS2. Using this feature is very easy and you can see the guided tutorials for any help.

Customizing menu and workspaces: In CS2 it is very easy to customize your working menus and workspaces. You can arrange the tools you need often and set up the workspaces.

Fine Correction: It is now very easy to get sharpened images without any blurred effects. This tool can be used for images taken with any motion lenses.

Workflow features: You can automatically adjust the settings of the cameras, convert the pictures into different formats, apply details to the images easily either individually or in batches.

Red eye removal: The Red eye removal is a very essential feature in any photo correction program and in CS2, using it is very easy; just one click. This is supported on 16-bit images and your normal images. You can set the darkening level and the size of the pupil.

HDR support: You can create 32-bit pictures and edit them also.

Photo sharing options: You can share the pictures you take by creating web albums, or send them out directly to your friends and family. Creating the web albums and organizing them are very easy. You can also use the PDF presentation features and online services features for the purpose.

Apart from the mentioned features in this Adobe Photoshop CS2 tutorial, some of the other popular features are the keyboard shortcuts to access the tools, history tracking option, and image filtering option. So now you can also use CS2 to bring life to your images.

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