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The ratings juggernaut and pop culture phenomenon known as American Idol hit the small screen starting out with auditions in Boston to kick off its ninth season. Idol has been garnering a lot of internet chatter with the departure of Paula Abdul and addition of Ellen Degeneres. You know I can picture Paula sitting in front of her television last night surrounded by a pile of tissues and bon bons crying out why? Why did I ever leave American Idol?

We were privileged to have Victoria Beckham as the celebrity judge. I mean a person with the musical pedigree of the Spice Girls must certainly be able to spot talent, right? Another thing on Mrs. David Beckham I noticed was that she always looks like she's posing into the camera…the head tilted over slightly, the pursed lips, the sucked in cheeks. I hadn't seen so many model face poses since I watched Ben Stiller on Zoolander. And someone please pass her a Big Mac, her collar bones were jumping out of my television and poking me in the face!

The first contestant to grace us with their amazing talent and stage presence was some crazy girl who practiced auditioning using the American Idol video game. She said on the game that Simon loved her…obviously video game Simon is deaf because in real life this girl was horrible. In the end all the self-talk and jumping in the mirror did her no good as she was quickly told to "Stop singing…FOREVER!"

Other crazies who entertained us were the blond spiritual guy with acne who apparently sucked down some helium right before he started to sing, the Michael Jackson kid with the huge head of hair, and the Clark Kent guy who was angry about having to wait all day. I hope they had security walk that guy out of the building because he looked like he seriously wanted to kill someone. In all there were 32 people who made it through to Hollywood.

Idol season 9 brought us nothing new, but hey, when you've got the number one show on television the old adage of, if it ain't broke don't fix it, seems appropriate.

Brenda R, Staff Writer,

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