Amazon stops hoisting Wikileaks site on its server

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AMAZON, ONE of the biggest servers and retailers in the United States has denied to hoist the Wikileaks site and has removed the site from its server after the former came under fire by its users.

Wikileaks have created one of the biggest controversies and embarrassment for many nations after it published the sensitive cables of US diplomats on its sites. It created a big unrest among the nations and the diplomatic community, specially, the US government, its diplomats and its foreign policies. The diplomats are shocked to learn that the cables were not secured.

The founder of Wikileaks also came under fire immediately after the cables started appearing on Internet. Interpol issued a red alert against Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, by issuing an arrest warrant against him registered in Spain. Assange’s attorney says that it is ‘bizarre’.

“Wikileaks is ousted from the Amazon,” the server announced. Wikileaks didn’t confirm this on its site and has refused to comment on this at the moment. Wikileaks had published secret cables through Amazon when some of the other servers in US denied to hoist them.

Wikileaks has so far published more then 250,000 cables on its site from all over the world and these cables are mainly leaked from US Embassies projecting their diplomats as spys. This has also embarrassed many political leaders and governments and has put US government in a fix.

Some of the frequent users, buyers totally refused to buy goods, services through Amazon server with a demand that first the Wikileaks should be removed from its server. This forced the server to take the action immediately.

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