Amazing Movie - Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince Movie

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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie were started after death of Harry's godfather Serious Black. The Lord Woldemorte killed Serious Black because he is the one who Harry Potter loved most. After death of Black Harry Potter getting much sadness and feeling too lonely but Dumbledore took him to the safer place and far from Lord Woldemorte.

Harry Potter is the only one human being who can kill woldemorte. So he wants to kill harry potter and he started thinking about "how to kill Harry Potter"! But still Dumbledore is the Best Magician in the world and stronger then him so he decided to kill Albus Dumbledore first and then Harry potter. So he gave order to Professor Snap to help Melfoy to kill Albus Dumbledore.

There was something which was making woldemorte scared and that is Horcruxes. If somebody got all the Horcruxes and destroy it then woldemorte will die. So Albus started to get it. And after so many searches Dumbledore got one and took harry to destroy it but that journey was not the part of Horcruxes! Dumbledore thought it would be nice to give harry potter some of Woldemorte weakness to give harry potter chance to kill that Famous wizard.

After they reach Hogwarts Dumbledore felt that there are some new wizards around in school so he asked Harry to hide some safer place and don't try to come out until he call. And Dumbledore was defending alone against Draco melfoy and Serious Black's Sister Listringe. But Dumbledore never knows that there was someone who always with him but not actually part of school and he is Severus Snap. He is the biggest mystery in this movie. Severus snap is the "Half Blood Prince" in this movie. And all his friends calling him through this name when he was in school. He killed Dumbledore and ran away from school.

Harry was feeling to lonely due to the scariest demise of Albus Dumbledore the Head of the Hogwarts School. All the students were getting tensed and feeling sad about this and Harry started to find those Horcruxes to kill Lord Woldemorte. Another part is coming this next year and that part is based on novel "Harry Potter and Deathly Hollows".

So Folks let see how this movie hit the charts then other series of Harry Potter like "Order of the Phoenix" and "Prisoner of Azkaban" or not!

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