Amazing benefits of black tea supplied by black tea supplier.

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There are varieties of tea available but from among these varieties of tea, black tea is the widely consumed one. This tea is obtained from the leaves of shrub known as camellia sinensis. This tea is more oxidized as compared to other teas. This tea has a stronger flavor than other types of tea. Production method of this tea is different from other tea. These are first plucked and are then set out to be withered in order to remove all the moisture from them. After the maximum moisture is removed from the leaves, the leaves then rolled manually or with the help of machines. All this is done by exposing them to high temperature. After these leaves are fully oxidized they are sorted according to the size. Black tea supplied by black tea supplieris given name black teabecause of the dark color of the tea's liquor. This is usually orange or dark amber in color. The caffeine content present in this tea is a concerning factor. A cup of tea is known to have half the amount of caffeine found in a cup of coffee. There are number of benefits that this tea provides. Some are mentioned below-
1. Help in weight loss- as this tea is low in fat, calories and sodium, it is beneficial for the people who wish to lose their weight. T acts a substitute for unhealthy drinks and prevents addition of calories. It helps in boosting the metabolic activities and thus results in weight loss.
2. Health of bones and tissues- black tea contains powerful phytochemicals. These phytochemicals strengthen bones and also the connective tissues. Consumers of black tea have been found to possess healthier bones as compared to other tea consumers.
3. Helps in digestion- black tea contains tannin. This tannin helps in digestion. These have a therapeutic effect and combat different types of intestinal and gastric illness. Polyphenols present in this tea helps to lower intestinal inflammation.
4. Lowering of cholesterol- this tea helps to reduce the level of triglycerides. Bad cholesterol is reduced which reduces the risk of heart diseases. The artery functioning is also improved.
5. Prevents cancer- this tea contains number of antioxidants. Antioxidant like polyphenols helps preventing the formation of potential carcinogens in the body. This result in preventing cancers like ovarian, lung, prostate and many more. This tea helps preventing cancers of breast, stomach, prostate and many more. This tea also reduces of oral cancer in the people who smoke cigarettes or other tobacco products.
6. Boost immune system- tannins are present in black tea has the ability to fight viruses. Tannin which is known as catechin helps in suppressing tumors.This tea helps boosting the immune system. Thus it should be consumed regularly.One should consume three to four cups in a day in order to reduce inflammations.
There are number of other benefits also that black tea supplied by black tea supplier provides. It is really important that one should know all the benefits of the tea before consuming.

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