Amazing Air Purifier Cleans Air while Saving 75% Energy!

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There are many offensive odor sources, which can not only gross you out, but harm you: one of them is mold. In any home, business, dwelling, a variety of mold spores exist, and many of them are harmful. Worse, there are over 50 species, and may cause a variety of symptoms, from palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, dandruff, itchy skin, skin edema, headaches, runny nose, chronic sneezing, over acidity of the stomach, bad breath, digestive problems, and the list is endless.

Some people go from doctor to doctor with such symptoms and are told nothing is wrong with them. They find themselves wondering if the source of the dilemma is "in their head". Often enough, the culprit is the environment. As mold spores cannot be seen, most people don't even know if and what species might be present. In ancient times, mold spores have been used in warfare as bio weapons!

I happen to be severely mold-intolerant. Exposed to mold spores, I become literally dysfunctional. I tried a variety of air purifier, air cleaner, air sanitizer, and even UV bulb products, which kill mold - with the catch that one can't be around most of them, as they damage the eyes, and cause skin burns and cancer.

After searching for an air purifier and air cleaner, I ran into something that made sense at first sight. A nanotechnology based ionic air purifier and air cleaner bulb, absolutely harmless to humans and animals, which kills mold! Not only mold, but the SaniBulb™ Air Purifier & Air Cleaner also destroys toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, unpleasant odors, and other harmful microorganisms.

The last time I bought an air purifier or air cleaner, I spent over $ 300 -and it broke in less than 3 years. The SaniBulb™ Air Purifier & Air Cleaner is under $ 22, and the great bonus is they save 75% energy and money! I figured the SaniBulb™ Air Purifier & Air Cleaner pays for itself with this huge savings, while it sanitizes my home. Win-win, all the way.

I have 2 of these SaniBulb™ Air Purifier & Air Cleaner Bulbs in my apartment and am feeling so much better. Before I had ionic air purifier bulbs, my apartment stank occasionally like a zoo! Now, when I walk into my apartment, the air is clean and fresh. My "green", eco-friendly ionic air purifier bulbs are cleaning, sanitizing, purifying, and deodorizing the air continuously. No more bad smells in my apartment! To my astonishment, my brain is functioning much better now also. That's a very precious additional bonus.

Before considering spending hundreds of dollars on an air purifier that will need new filters every few months, and may not be effective, I recommend wholeheartedly to give SaniBulb™ Air Purifier & Air Cleaner a try. Because they operate on 75 % less energy, the ionic air purifier bulbs will clean your air and pay for itself due to the huge savings. Web site for more information:

Nilufer is an interpreter, filmmaker, green activist, writer, alternative lifestyle supporter, and thinker. She writes about green topics such as Air Purifier and Air Cleaner products that eliminate smells and allergens.

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