Alyson Hannigan Hairstyles and Very Attractive Long Hairstyles

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American actress Alyson Hannigan was born on March 24th 1974 in Washington, D.C. She play the role of Willow Rosenberg on the sequence Buffy the Campire Slayer and flautist Michelle Flaherty in the American Pie films.

Alyson is known for her blazing red mane and her feisty smile. Over the years she has done some subtle changes to her haircolor, but forever stays in the warm color range from copper to a chocolaty chestnut.

She prefers her hair long, without bang and cut into long layers. A base cut that allows many styling variations from festive updos to sporty undo looks.

The best colors for her to show off are green tones, lighter to middling dark blue hues and all earthy tones, like crisp cigar brown or sandy beige.

Yellow, reds and mauve to pink are not advised with her rosy skin tone and the red glow of her hair.

Alyson knows how to prepare for an stylish event by create stylish hairstyles like having a head full of curls than pin them to the back to make an exceptional up do or creating half up sweeps where the center of hair is pinned while long length bangs adorn her face.

You probably would desire to see a "date movie" or take Alyson out on a date after you see her fiery red locks that compliment her hairstyle.

Alyson has looks that make her look like she is sweet and blameless, which she appears to be.

Her hairstyles are very easy to preserve and can be created in a timeless manner.

If you want looks like this bold and brave actress, check out some of her work like "Angel" or look at her on "How I met your mother", you can meet Alyson by viewing her on the television and get ideas of her striking hairstyles.

Did you ever think an important person with such a simple and elegant hairstyle could ooze so much sex appeal?

Well Allison Hannigan certainly did. She had this style long ago that gave her so much confidence and it seems like it is done so effortless.

Tired of having long hair and want a new new look then go for this easy to maintain hair cut.

The trick is if you have quite high cheekbones to avoid having a very bland cut add in a fringe.

If you are a bit weary of a fringe you can opt for the safer look, which is a slightly longer fringe swept to one side.

An added extra is that it enhances your collar bone creating a bare illusion.

Alyson made a great impression at ELLE Magazine's 14th Annual Women in Hollywood Event with her flat and sassy hairstyle.

Her back section of hair was cut to one length and her sides were tapered down to make a nice shape through her front section.

To complete her look, chipped bang were added to create a nice frame for the top of her face. - How to Style:

Apply mousse to moist hair, then flip your head upside down and scrunch dry. Blow-dry your bangs forward, leaving your hair a little damp to stop any frizz. Finish with smooth shine and lacquer for extra hold.

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