Alternative Treatments for Hair Loss

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It has been said that baldness is the ultimate bad hair day. While there have been a great variety of treatments for hair loss readily available in the market today, depending on the cause and extent of the condition, natural alternatives have grown more popular.

One of the basic and natural treatments for hair loss is good diet. Like the rest of the human body, the hair gets its nourishment from the food. Products that are high in protein are highly recommended along with those with food products that are low in fat and carbohydrates. Fatty acids found in canola old, walnuts, soy and fish have also been found to help in hair health. And of course, there is the vitamin B12 that is responsible for promoting hair growth. It is commonly found in meat, poultry and egg.

Another one of the popular treatments for hair loss is Electric Pulse Treatment. A study was conducted a decade ago on men suffering from baldness and subjected to pulsed electrical simulation. It has showed very promising results in 29 our of 30 patients. According to the scientists who conducted the study, most of men develop baldness due to nerve degeneration , which can then be stimulated through electrical impulse.

Third on the list is the Ayurvedic treatment which involves a combination of diet, meditation, breathing, oil massage, aromatherapy, yoga and use of herbs. This may sound to complex but it has also shown promising results.

Aside from natural treatments, there are also synthetic medications available, most of which can be readily purchased without prescription. However, before you decide treatment you prefer, it is best to seek professional advice to determine which treatment would best suit your case, depending on the extent of the condition as well as the underlying cause of the hair loss.

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