Alternative Solar Energy - Key To A Brighter Future

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Alternative solar energy is a very important topic with regards to the future of our planet. Especially during this time when scientists and geologists are claiming that we have reached a "peak oil" period.

Peak oil is a term that references the fact that we have reached the peak in oil discovery. The period that follows means that world oil reserves are declining. Once these reserves are deleted or become to costly to recover, oil prices will soar.

Solar energy is one solution to this problem. The good news is that you can take full advantage of existing solar energy technology right now.

The most widespread solution today for harnessing sun power
is the solar panel. These panels convert sun energy (photons)
into electric energy through the use of photovoltaic cells
(PV cells). This conversion process is called the
photo-electric effect.

Most solar panels use wafer-based crystalline silicon cells.
While this article will not go into the complex construction
of these panels, there are some excellent DIY guides that

show you how to make your own panels and integrate them
into your home's electric grid.

This integration is made possible by the use of storage
cells and inverters. After the sun's energy is captured, it
is stored as direct current. This direct current is then
converted into alternating current by the inverter.

While it all sounds very complicated, you don't need any
special skills to build solar panels for your home. Also,
the components and materials needed for construction are
widely available.

The resultant savings make this well worth the initial
investment and effort. As the cost electricity, gas and
kerosene continue to increase in price, you owe to
yourself to look to the sun as an alternate source of

Next step, get a free energy savings e-course and learn about these alternative solar energy solutions today.

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