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"All women who get married and come to office are bedecked from head to toe in their glittery saris, mangalsutra, sindoor and chooris. They glitter so much that even Google Earth would be able to spot them," said Sanjay Rajoura. This had everybody in the audience in fits of laughter. Though you might not find this funny as you read it but the adage ‘seeing is believing' fits in perfectly. Because not everyone is Sanjay Rajoura who recently did a stand-up act at India Habitat Centre (IHC).

Each stand-up performer has his/her own USP. While some use sex, Rajoura draws his inspiration from people around him. "As a software consultant I come across many people and they become subjects of my stand-up act. Though I have been in Delhi for some time now, my family is from western Uttar Pradesh. And I am still a village boy at heart. Which is why I named the stand-up ‘Jat in Mood'," said Rajoura.

Through his act, Rajoura tried to bring out the eccentricities and the uniqueness of the people of Delhi. He analysed them, dissected them and took pot-shots at them. The hour performance at IHC was full of wit and hilarious anecdotes. One never noticed how the time flew. Laughter sure is the best medicine. Making people laugh yet keeping a straight face is an act in itself. Another important point of a stand-up is that you as a performer are expected to hold the audience's attention. And nothing keeps the listener glued as a personal reference. People love it when you are able to laugh at yourself. Rajoura managed to strike gold on all accounts.

Acting however, is not something new to Rajoura. One of his films (The Fiction directed by Spandan Banerjee) was showcased at the Osian Film Festival last year. He has also done a couple of advertisements. It was much later that he decided to go all out as a stand-up comedian. Once he had decided, three months down the line he was giving his first performance. And he sure didn't disappoint.

Stand-up acts are not new for Delhiites. We do see many comedy shows that are aired on TV. But what makes Rajoura stand out is the freshness of his style. His isn't loud comedy. The setting too is simple. His dialogue delivery, pauses and walks on the stage as if in deep introspection are his props. At some level he was able to connect to everyone present and even the simplest situations became hilarious.

Sample this for instance. "A picture of a newly wed couple at the beach came my way. The husband in his underwear with the v-window in front, his arms around his wife as if he had wrestled with her and won. The wife in a bikini. But this was not all. She also had sindoor and is wearing chooris…" A typical example of a modern girl with traditional values… never mind the sight! The next time Rajoura puts up a performance, make sure you are there. This Jat surely is in mood.

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