All-time Favorites – The 3 Super Hero’s

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Movie heroes are usually based on human characters. But, there are a bunch of comic book heroes who are famous for their heroic acts and charming looks. Batman, Superman and Spiderman are comic book heroes who have graced the silver screen for a long time; and have a large fan base in every corner of the world.

Superman has thrilled audiences on the large screen in many ways. He is more than just a superhero - He is America's first fictional cult figure who has been popularly hailed as ‘The Man of Steel'. Superman is almost like a demi-god to most young fans. His movies are very intense and audiences love it for his dare devil acts. Much of the credits can be attributed to the superb star casts who gave life to this large super figure and his story.

Spiderman is the story of Peter Parker who metamorphoses into Spiderman every time there's a problem around. Every time a new threat falls over the city Spiderman rushes to rescue without mindful of the problems that he may face. Every Spiderman fan will always remember his famous line ‘With power comes responsibility' and how tactfully he handles all the dangerous situations.

Batman is the story of Bruce Wayne who dons the Batman outfit to fight out crime and criminals. His character is famous for making use of intellect, detective skills and physical prowess. There's more usage of science and technology in Batman movies and fans love the way he tackles every crisis.

Superheroes have certain charisma that makes them unique in their own special way. What real life heroes could not achieve, they did it in style. Fans love them for their dedication and love for simple things in life in spite of their supernatural powers.

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Catch up with your favorite superhero movies this summer and have fun.

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