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Bloody Hell, That Bird From Atomic Kitten Has Changed A Bit...

We must admit to having absolutely no idea who we were looking at when we saw these pictures of Natasha Hamilton arriving at the MOBO Award’s in Liverpool last night and we’re still trying to work out why.

After giving birth to her third son, Alfie back in June, she’s clearly had her boobs done, but what’s up with her face? She looks completely different.

Is it her lips, her eyes or just a shed load of make-up? We can’t decide.

What say you?

Victoria Beckham Ropes David Into Modelling Her New Sunglasses Range Via Twitter

And just like that, thousands of women across the globe pre-ordered a pair of sunglasses from the Victoria Beckham range in the vague hope that their boyfriends/husbands/partners will look nearly as good as David in a pair.

But unless these boyfriends/husbands/partners have got cheek bones which could cut glass and a killer grin to boot, then we guess a lot of people are going to be sorely disappointed.

Nevertheless Posh has been going all out in the last few days or so to promote her upcoming range via Twitter. As well as posting this picture of Becks in her specs, Vicky has also been showcasing a few of the different designs in her range, whilst telling her followers:

'Just received new #victoriabeckham samples. Colours are beautiful!'

'Get on the waiting list at Harvey Nicks!New #victoriaBeckham glasses drop at the end of Nov!'

Okay, we get it you’re very excited about this launch, but please Vicky we’ve been going through your Twitter posts and we’d just like to say not every sentence has to end in an exclamation mark, although we’ll make an exception with this sentence because we are actually slightly outraged with your overuse of exclamation marks so in this instance it is appropriate!

Guess Who Wont Be Getting An Invite To Nadine Coyle’s Wedding?

Hands up if you saw this one coming? We did, we did, we did!!!

Rumour has it Nadine Coyle wont be inviting any of her Girls Aloud bandmates to her upcoming wedding, which is scheduled to take place in New York next year.

The Irish singer reportedly snubbed Cheryl, Kimberly, Nicola and Sarah because she didn’t want anything ‘to distract from her special day,’ which kind of makes sense.

A well-placed source blabbed, “They’re planning a party in Ireland afterwards and will be honeymooning in Paris, so it’s going to be an extravaganza.

“She and Jason have also turned down a big deal from a glossy mag – Nadine considers it tacky.”

Do you think that last bit was a sly dig at Cheryl? After all she did sell her wedding to OK! mag...

So anyway, Nadine was all smiles when she arrived at Heathrow on Sunday to start the promotional trail for her debut solo single, Insatiable, which is released 1st November.

Cheryl Defends Cher Lloyd During Radio One Interview…

We realise we’ve written about 20 Cheryl Cole related stories in the last 24 hours, but there’s a lot going on about her at the moment so we’re afraid you’re just going to have to swallow yet another story about her – ok? Besides, you love her and you know it.

Anyway Chezza was up bright and early this morning for a lovely interview at Radio One with Sara Cox (who’s standing in for Chris Moyles) where she spoke about, among other things, the X Factor girls - particularly Cher Lloyd who she claims is not in the least bit stroppy/diva-ish.

In fact Cheryl thinks Cher is a lot like her – just younger and with worse eyebrows (she didn’t actually say that, but we’re pretty sure she must’ve been thinking it).

'She reminds me of a young me completely” said Cheryl. “Even the type of music she listens to, how she performs.

'Even the way she performs - you know, when you forget the camera is there and pull faces, she's doing that at the moment. People just need to get used to the performance.'

Poo-pooing rumours that Cher recently had a tantrum over a costume choice, Cheryl added:

'I like to hear their opinions. I'm not going to say, "That's what you're wearing, that's what you're doing but there's no stropping going on, I wouldn't be able to handle that.'

Yes, and especially not from Simon Cowell either. Last week you may remember that the talent judge made a smarmy comment about how Cheryl looked a little bit orange the week beforehand. Understandably the singer was less than impressed with Simon, as she told Sara Cox earlier.

'I thought, "Oh don't start with me on live TV". Less orange, huh? I don't know what that's about."

Um, it was about the fact that you actually looked well orange a few weeks ago. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…

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