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Zaheda Hina is not new to this field. And while the great Sadat Hasan Manto focused mostly on the Partition of India and Pakistan, Hina treads different waters but with the same passion and substance. It talks of a journey to show the ballads of love and hope at a time otherwise marred by distrust and vengeance, to a time much later, where tensions survive under the garb of having normalized. And that is what hit me most about All Passion Spent when I bought it from, my favorite online bookstore.
As soon as I went through most of the pages, the sharp divide that the author creates was most harsh and sublime at the same time, bringing out the reality that is between the two nation states of India and Pakistan. And its not the reality we had not imagined, but the reality that we could always associate with, but then again, it completely breaks apart the illusion that we create around our own worlds.
Translated from Urdu, the online bookstore I bought it from, gave me a pristine copy which contains the flavor of the original edition. And that I guess worked a lot for me because I was able to truly appreciate the essence of the book.

I seriously recommend that you rush to your online bookstore this instant and place your order. Because it is something that you would want to read about. You just have to. And that is why it is important to visit the online bookstore ASAP.
Zaheda Hina brings about a magical tale, a heart wrenching tale and it needs to be read, to be learnt, to understand where we all stand. Because it bypasses unstable nationalistic jingoism and recounts wonderfully the tale of then and now. And the difference. That is the primal focus of the book.
Rush to, my favorite online bookstore, and buy. NOW!
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