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Any business owner who is aspiring to increase the customer-base, enlarge the sales and improve the overall productivity will appreciate the critical need for effective communication facilities. The one assured way to bring about the overall efficiency of your communication system is to install a virtual phone system. With a virtual phone service in place, you can avail a host of useful features such as call forwarding, find me follow me, voicemail to email, fax to email etc.

The virtual phone system has been designed in such a way that it optimally benefits the business houses as well as self-employed professionals. The most important thing, of course, is to have a proper knowledge of the system to derive benefits from all the features and enjoy full advantages.

There are numerous merits a business can have with the virtual phone system and one of them is it gives the business - regardless of its size and scale of operations - a very professional image. This is a huge advantage for boosting sales and improving customer relations. The virtual system is cost-effective as the business owner need not buy costly hardware to avail its facilities.

The virtual phone system is a boon to small and mid-sized businesses that can not afford to buy or maintain expensive phone systems. But an affordably priced virtual PBX has all the features of advanced and sophisticated communication facilities. For having a virtual phone system, you are not required to invest in any hardware or software and that is a huge savings in cost.

The operational expenses are also negligible as you do not require qualified professionals to maintain and operate the system. Yet another heartening feature in virtual phone systems is, by and large, scalable and businesses can start with a modest phone system with limited features and expand gradually as the business expands.

Your callers will be greeted with a professional business greeting message every time they call and the virtual phone system will intelligently route all incoming calls to the concerned person or department - much to the relief of the caller.

This apart, virtual phone system enables callers to reach you wherever you are and even if you are out of office. A virtual auto attendant (receptionist) answers all incoming calls and makes sure they are routed to the proper employee or department. This means, your employees need not be tied to their desks but work from anywhere - office, home, work sites, or even while traveling.

A virtual phone system will ensure that none of your customer's calls are missed and all of them are promptly answered. Besides, you can have a complete record of incoming and outgoing calls, which can be accessed from any Internet enabled computer. All that a virtual phone system demands is every employee must possess a working phone - be it cellular, land line or VoIP.

However, it needs to be mentioned that to fully avail all the excellent features of a virtual phone system you have to sign up with a reputed and reliable service provider who appreciates the nature of your business and is sensitive to your specific communication needs.

Further, a business enterprise must not be misled into believing that virtual phone system is a bed of roses with no thorns. Please be aware that like all modern technological innovations, virtual phone system also has its own demerits.

It is a fact that virtual phone system overly depends on Internet and hence any failure over the Internet can isolate the communication leading to redundancy problem. Further, any disturbance in broadband connection can affect the voice quality.

To sum up, every present-day technological innovation is bound to have its own pros and cons and it is not feasible to design a system that is perfect and thoroughly flawless. When you are enjoying all the extraordinary features of a virtual phone system, you must also be willing to accept the few demerits that are inescapable.

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