All about Oil Paintings on Canvas

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Oil paintings on canvas are one of the best ways to decorate your home interiors with exquisite art. These paintings are created by adding a pigment to oil followed by applying it to a canvas sheet, which has been stretched taut. The most commonly used pigment for oil painting on canvas has been linseed oil but safflower, walnut, and poppy seed oil have also been used. Different types of oil need different length of drying time; each oil provides varying amount of yellowing, which occurs when the painting dries.

There are various advantages of using oil-based paints. The first and foremost is the ability to apply paint to a canvas without the problem of paints running into one another. This is a huge benefit because when paints run into one another, they tend to alter the desired colour and can make the final painting look far different than the original idea planned for it. In addition, the drying time of oil paints is longer than water-based paints, which makes mixing colours directly on a canvas a possibility. It is because of all these reasons that oil paintings on canvas have gained immense popularity with people worldwide.

The artistes all across the globe prefer to make an oil painting on canvas because the oil allows mixing possible for a longer period of time whereas most water-based paints dry almost instantly. For instance, if more white needs to be added to lighten a colour that has already been applied, it would definitely mix much better with the paint. On the other hand, water-based paints in most cases completely cover the current colour it is being added to. So if an artiste opts for oil paintings canvas, it doesn’t come as a surprise!

Since the very beginning, oil paintings on canvas are sketched out onto the canvas first and then colour is added to them. Charcoal has been the most commonly used medium used for sketching the subject of the painting. If you wish to shorten or lengthen the drying time of oil paints, you could try adding turpentine or mineral spirits to the paints. It is essential to keep in mind that when multiple layers of paint are added to the canvas, each layer should always contain more oil than the last layer. This addition of oil is very essential because it reduces the risk of cracking and peeling that often occurs.

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