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Inception of Smart phones had probably set up the pace, and since then mobile companies never looked back. From the normal talking device to iPhone, mobile phones have come a long way.

With the advent of smart phones, another important and equally interesting function has risen - mobile testing. From mobile games to business news, from financial news to online social networking - mobile phones have become a miniscule version of our world itself. As we are more inclined to hi-tech gadgets importance of mobile testing becomes that more pivotal.

Mobile Application Testing is a challenging process as it involves testing of applications across different handsets, carriers, languages and locations.

When choosing a well known Apps QA company, there are certain things you can look out for such as:
Ensure the Apps will be tested on real devices
Make sure a range of devices is available,
Make sure the testing will be carried out using the latest firmware available for that device.

Importance of Mobile Testing

Mobile phone and PDA usability testing considered crucial to any form of business that relates to excessive use of mobile devices. In fact, mobile and handheld usability testing could be even more important than computer-based usability testing. The main reasons for this are:

Increase accessibility of users using mobile and handheld devices through Internet is increasing at a massive rate.

Testing Types

Track Ball/ Track Wheel Testing
Keypad Testing
Test cases around multiple inputs at the same Time
Testing with single touch inputs
Testing with multiple touch inputs
Testing for Virtual Keypad

Testing Techniques
Exploratory Test - An intensive exploration of the App including functional App testing to seek out any defects.
Negative Test - Ensuring the App behaves as expected when attempts are made to use the App incorrectly or maliciously.
User Interface Test - Boundary Value Analysis and Equivalence Partitioning testing techniques will be used on user inputs.

Navigation Test - Checking all menus functions, plus links between each of the Apps screens and externally linked pages.
Usability Test - Using the App from an end-users perspective, and testing out typical user scenarios to find defects and weaknesses.
Network Test - Ensuring network disconnects and low signal strength do not adversely affect the App's functionality.
Aesthetics Rating - An independent assessment that includes comments on the layout, color schemes, fonts, graphics etc.

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