Southern California and the NFL

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If you are a football fan and living in Southern California, letís just say that times have been better. Not too many years ago, Los Angeles had two teams, the L.A. Raiders and the L.A. Rams. But a number of years ago the Raiders moved back to Oakland, and the Rams moved to St. Louis, a few years before they went to the Super Bowl.

Of course in a town where the sports writers seem to be fixated only on the Lakers and the Dodgers, none of them seemed to notice much when our two football teams moved out of town. And although there has been talk of an expansion team for L.A. along with a new stadium, nothing has happened.

So where does that leave the hardcore Los Angeles NFL football fan who wants to venture out of his living room and see some live NFL games?

Well there are the San Diego Chargers. Not having the best year at 4-5 after 10 weeks, they are still an explosive and entertaining team with a highly rated offense and defense. And there are three home games remaining this year, against Oakland on 12/5, Kansas City on 12/12, and San Francisco on 12/16. If you want to see the Chargers win, the San Francisco game is probably your best bet, with the 49ers at 3 and 7 after 11 weeks.

If youíre willing to take a shuttle up to the Bay area, there are also the Oakland Raiders. Although at 5-5 after week 11, they have scored some impressive wins this season, including a 23-20 overtime win over Kansas City, a 33-3 win over Seattle, and a 59-14 win over Denver. The Raiders have three home games left this season, against Miami on 11/28, against Denver on 12/19, and against Indianapolis on 12/26. If you want to see Oakland win, probably the Denver game is your best bet, as they beat them decisively earlier in the season.

There are also the San Francisco 49ers. Although they are having a disappointing season at 3-7 after week 11, they have had some solid wins this season, including a 17-9 win over Oakland, a 24-16 win over Denver, and a 23-20 overtime win over St. Louis. The 49ers have two home games left this season, against Seattle on 11/12, and against Arizona on 12/26. If you want to see the 49ers win, probably the Arizona game is your best bet.

And if you really want to go all out this year, there is always the Super Bowl, February 6 at Dallas Cowboy Stadium. You may think that tickets to the Super Bowl are impossible to get, but a competent ticket broker can always get tickets. After week 11, the field seems to have narrowed to the Patriots, Jets, Steelers, or Ravens on the AFC side, and the Falcons, Eagles, Bears or Packers on the NFC side. Who do you think is going to make it to the big game this year?

Watching football on TV is great, but it canít match the excitement of seeing a live NFL game. Get out there and see some live games!

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