AKG K451 Headphones

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Fun, powerful bass, Removable cable, Good accessories bundle
Negligible comfort niggles
Design and Features
The AKG K451 are the most portable type of headphone available that won't jam into your ear canal. These are definitely and particularly very portable in their class too.
Their earcups do not extend beyond your earlobes and fold up for easier stowing-away. They also feature a 3-button remote control in case you want to use them with Apple devices. If you do not want to go out wearing head-dominating over-ears cans, the AKG K451 are the kind of headphones you need.
They're good-looking. They have the similar design like the AKG Q460, but they are much trendier this time. Black and silver in place of lime green, and decked-out with concentric circles they will let no one be embarrassed to wear them.
Sound Quality
The AKG K451 headphones are really fun for listening music. They have the full, strong and bouncy bass beats that are more vibrant than even the rival Sennheiser HD238. Chunky bass also lets you cope with ambient noise.

It makes electronic music particularly enjoyable. Although it is not perfect, the bass control is solid enough to make the drum beats sound punchy, rather than being bloated. Bass depth is quite good too.
The AKG K451 offer great sound at a fairly cool price. Versatile, well-built and rearing to dish out good tasteful times, they are very affordable on-ear headphones.
The AKG K451 are good headphones perfect for a work commute. With powerful bass, they'll let you get amused with ease. They're not the best in terms of audio quality, but they easily outclass many other expensive headphones. To get a similarly powerful beat with a higher fidelity sound, you'll have to pay a lot more. The pair that is exemplary is the Sennheiser Momentum -which is a fairly better-priced one too.
The Bidwow Advantage
The AKG K451 is a bit nostalgic in being priced at $179.95 in the market. If you think that is a bit too high to go for right now, just stay relieved. The headphones are available for $15 (maximum) on Bidwow. That is the maximum price; so if you are lucky, you can get it for a lower price too.

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