Ai-Xuan(Contemporary Chinese Artis) Oil Painting Art Review--- It’s Hard to Say the Wind of Tomorr

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Ai-Xuan Scenery Oil Painting Appreciation --- It's Hard to Say the Wind of Tomorrow

The most outstanding feature of Ai-Xuan's art style is expressing emotions via drawing sceneries…He painted sceneries and lonely figures on the Tibetan Plateau, whose mainly purpose is to express her feelings in her inner world. Therefore, Ai-Xuan's oil painting works are not so much as Tibetan scenery oil paintings, but rather as his inner monologue.

In these oil paintings, there are silhouettes of Ai-Xuan. Silent silence and quiet thinking, nameless loneliness infiltrated in figures and whole picture moods of his oil paintings. Looked at the grassland, snow field and wasteland lonely, they lived in a world which integrated with the nature.

Another art feature of Ai-Xuan's art style is he combined the lyric loneliness with a little mystery skillfully and wonderful. Originally, the loneliness itself is provided with some mystery, as the loneliness exists in a vast wasteland, whose mysterious flavor is even thicker. But the artist always had not ignored the beauty of peoples and natural sceneries, even if he used an unusual composition of picture (such as his oil painting work "hard to say tomorrow wind") to enhance extraordinary effects of images, the artist had not forgotten to meet the aesthetic demand of viewers.

Therefore, Ai-Xuan is with his special beauty charms to lead her viewers into a art world full of religious moods and mystical atmosphere… His oil paintings have symbolic motifs, such as " maybe the sky is still blue as past," "it's hard to say tomorrow wind", "singing is flying away from me"), he applied with an implicit technique of painting art and not described it fully, just as an arrow just on the string, the bow was drawn out but not shooting out, its conquest power and affection charms are more strongly.

About Artist Ai-Xuan:

Ai-Xuan, was born in November 1947, and come from Jinhua city Zhejiang province China. Artist member of Chinese Artists Association, and a first grade national artist in China. In 1969 he graduated from the affiliated school to the Central Academy of Fine Arts. In 1969 he was been dispatched to Zhangjiakou for a four-year farm labor.

Exhibited Oil Painting Works and Awards:

1981: Oil painting "A man with a will" won the second prize in the National Youth Art Exhibition

1985: Oil painting "Snow" was admitted to attend the Second Asian Art Exhibition, and collected by Fukuoka Art Museum (Japan)

1985: Oil Painting "Ruoergai Frozen Zone" was collected by China Art Gallery

1986: Attended French Riviera --- Kanie International Art Exhibition and win a Honor award.

1987: Went to the United States as a visiting scholar, in the same year he held his individual painting exhibition in Manhattan, New York

1987: Made art critics writings and accepted interview for "New York Times," "The Wall Street Journal", "Art News", "American Art" (USA)…

1991: Oil Painting "The Singing is Fling Away" was admitted the first auction of Chinese oil paintings held by the Christie (United Kingdom)

1994: Oil painting "Kids" was invited to take participate in the Monte Carlo International Art Exhibition in France

1998: Ai Xian gained an entry for "The Complete Collection of Chinese Artists"

1999: Entry for "China Modern Art History" (teaching book) printed by the United States Yale University

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