Airline Industry Finally Recognizes the Advantages of Mobile Ticketing

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Since the time mobile technology was introduced, the growth in the number of users of these handhelds has increased in leaps and bounds. According to a recent report by the International Telecommunication Union, the cellular subscriptions would soon touch the four billion mark all over the world. These days, people are using their handhelds more for various hi-tech uses like mobile shopping and mobile ticketing. In case of the airline industry, people who are both frequent flyers and pleasure flyers make use of their phones to book tickets on different airlines. As per a current data, almost 90% of the passengers who travel by flights use mobile booking systems to reserve their tickets.
The number of people, who use smartphones and other hi-tech handhelds, has gone up over the last few years. People are using such brands like Blackberry, Apple iPhones, Android, and Nokia smartphones to use various online facilities with the help of their handhelds. This has come to the attention of the airline industry and they ultimately recognized its benefits in increasing their customer services and also to lower down their various costs, such as printing costs of tickets.

At its early stages, airlines used to provide such services like mobile booking, mobile payments, flight schedules and updates, and also check-in facilities using handhelds. Now they have also introduced additional facilities for their customers, who use smartphones, like information pertaining to baggage tracking. This way, airlines have made air travel a totally paperless option for their passengers. Experts are predicting that in the future mobile phones may also be used to store electronic visa for international travelers.
With the help of mobile ticketing, passengers have the privilege to setup their favorite arrivals and departures and in some cases, airlines also send check-in reminders to their passengers. In a way this is beneficial for their customers, since it allows them to remember of the need to check-in using their phones which would later help them to avoid the rush at the airport. This electronic check-in method is being adopted by various airline companies at a fast rate. They have understood the importance of this which in turn would help them improve their customer services. Customers are normally sent a 2D barcode to their mobiles as a proof that they have checked-in using their handhelds.

The best part is that this technology is not just limited for international travelers. Even domestic flyers can make use of mobile ticketing and check-in using their phones. With even boarding passes being sent to mobile phones, customers can travel without worrying about losing their tickets in their hurry to catch their flight.
Although most of the airlines have recognized the various benefits of mobile ticketing
for both their passengers and themselves, there are some experts who feel that this technology is still at its early stages and have a long way to grow. Whatever be the case, the future is definitely bright for both the airline industry and their passengers. If you have not yet experienced the world of electronic travelling, then switch to Cart2Mobile and be a part of this exciting world.

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