Aion Mage - Sorcerer & Strategy Guide

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The Sorcerer class, as spoke of a little previously, is for players who wish to do a lot of damage using magical skills. This also means that enemies will be focused on you, as you have no real tank to guard you from their attacks. At the same time, however, the amount of damage you are capable of dealing far surpasses the risk of having enemies attack you.

When looking at Sorcerers the biggest thing to consider is the survivability of the class. They die easily yet can kill easily as well, making it a very "on the fence" decision. It is the best of both worlds - life and death. This should definitely be factored into your decision if you are considering playing as a Sorcerer.

When playing as one it is highly recommended that you group with other players when the opportunity arises. This allows you to (hopefully) get a tank that can relieve you from taking near as much damage as you would alone. Grouping with a tank can be a great duo because he can take the hits while you do the massive damage toyour enemies.

Now, one of the most forgotten things when looking at the highest damage dealers is that it will often pull aggression from the other mobs around you. Doing too much damage will override the tank's hate, causing enemies to rush at you (PvE). Because of this, if you are spamming skills nonstop you will be risking death for not only you but the tank as well. More information about this can be found in the Strategy section.

With the Sorcerer you are not only focused on yourself, but also your allies as well. Your main goal here is to deal as much damage as you are capable of doing, without pulling aggression from the mobs on to yourself. This will take a lot of practice on various mobs to figure out how many spells you are able to cast at various levels, of various types, and against various mobs. This can not really bedetailed here because there are just too many factors involved.

A good rule of practice is that if you are nuking an enemy and you find that they have strayed from the tank and are coming after you, you are doing too much damage. If this happens try doing the following checklist.

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