Aion Leveling Professions

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Doing the Quest (Work Order)
To clarify how to level professions, they are all the same. What you do first is speak to the leader of the profession you wish to work on, and he will issue you a "Work Order." Once you have this, you will obtain some of the materials needed to complete the work order, and you will also need to purchase some from the vendor near you.

Once you have all of the materials, you will find a "work space" in the same area as the NPC. Using this will open up a menu of the various recipes you have already learned, as well as the work order recipe. It will explain what materials are needed for crafting and how many you already have.

When crafting you will obtain more item materials than are needed for the specific quest. For example, if you need to turn in 6, you will obtain the materials for 8. This gives two possibilities.

If you are interested in leveling up your crafting as fast as possible create the maximum allowed, even if it is more than is required to turn in. The more you make, the more your chances of leveling up (as the quest has no burden upon your level).

Also, sometimes crafts will fail, requiring you to do more than just the required number. This does not happen often, although does still happen.

The personal recommendation in the case of crafting is to do only what is required to turn in.

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