Ahmad Khawaja - The Story of a New York Painter

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Ahmad Khawaja is the fifth son of Mohammad Khawaja and Kristie Khawaja. When he was four and a half years, his family moved to New York City, with his father who was working for the local newspaper. Ahmad Khawaja was greatly known as a creative painter for his vibrant art paintings which he claimed was a skill credited much to an exclusive art school in New York.

But his great success did not start that easily. He had his first job when he was 14 years old as a shoe shiner boy. But the story of his dream to become a great artist started when he saw paintings of famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Picasso in an art painting exhibition in New York back in 1959. But hurdles came and Ahmad was forced to stop schooling and his dreams became an obscure delusion which he thought would never come to pass. These were the times when his family was a victim of a great depression as the economic status of the United States failed. His father lost his job, and his mother died shortly after giving birth to her 11th child.

But Ahmad Khawaja did not lose hope but gained even greater strength. And so began his journey to achieve that inner desire. He recalls having that feeling of burning inside his heart whenever he sees paintings and even claims that one day his will also be seen next to the masterpieces of such great artists.

He took extra jobs as a pizza delivery boy, and a janitor in order to support his dream in being a great artist. In just his young age, Ahmad Khawaja had been a striver to win. He joined local art competitions and most of the places, he garnered high praises. Soon, he was offered a scholarship in an exclusive arts school wherein he mastered his skill in painting.

Ahmad Khawaja has then ever since became a sought after painter. His paintings were worth thousands of dollars that time. A prolific and clever painter, his paintings soon came all across the Atlantic Ocean, where even the Queen of Spain had applauded such artistry. Famous people came to Ahmad Khawaja to have him paint their own portraits. And consequently then gained even more fame and praise.

Ahmad Khawaja had enjoyed a great fruitful life. In December, 1971, while on a vacation back in his birth town, he met there his soon to be wife, the super model Tiffany Pearson. He had a great married life having 5 children and a home back in New York. But his happy relationship with Tiffany ended as they had a divorce which ended their 15 years of wedded bliss.

In 1990, Ahmad Khawaja re-married to long-time friend Christine Lee, a Chinese immigrant. The success of his career has still brought him to great heights over the years. And still this man has been greatly known as one of the greatest painters ever to exist.

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