Aga Cookers: Serving You for the Past 70 Years

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Aga cookers have conquered many hearts with their solid performance and quality cast-iron reputation. The cooker was a novel invention of a Swede Nobel-prize winner named Nils Gustaf Dalen. Dalen won the prize for automating lighthouses. The AGA cooker is a stored-heat stove and cooker. The abbreviation AGA stands for the company name Aktiebolaget Gasaccumulator. Presently, the cookers are manufactured by the AGA Rangemaster Group.

History of the cooker

Physicist Nils Gustaf Dalen became blind after an industrial accident. He was devoted developing his earlier invention, which was a porous substrate for storing gasses. After the accident he used to spend a lot of his time at home. He discovered that the traditional cooker was of no use. Therefore, he set to invent a new type of cooker, which will be capable of preparing every culinary dish. At the same time he wanted it to be easy to use. Dalen's efforts gave birth to AGA cooker.

Dalen adopted the principle of heat storage. He joined a heat source, two large hotplates and two ovens in one unit. The product was first introduced in England and slowly its popularity began to spread in countries across the world. It was sold extensively in Canada and the United States.

Uniqueness of the product

The product is known for its radiant heating process. This helps in locking the natural juices and the tastes of the meals during the cooking procedure. These cookers have single burners and run on either natural gas or propane. Some models of this product also come with electric ovens. These cookers are always on and are so there is no need of preheating the oven before cooking. You can cook a fancy many-course meal simultaneously. You don't even need to worry if you have forgotten to take the cooked meal out of the oven. This is because the cooked meal remains warm and in good health without burning.

True to its name, the four-oven AGA consists of four separate ovens. These ovens are used for baking, warming, simmering, and roasting. The ovens operate on four different temperatures for the different tasks they perform. The oven comes with a hotplate, an optional gas-cook stop, and a warming plate. It is made up of cast iron along with other vitreous enamels. They are available in exciting range of colors from black and white to colorful aubergine. The longevity of the oven is believed to be a 100 years.

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