African-American Women New Hair Color Trend: Hot & Sexy in Blond

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Recently, at every star-studded party and red carpet affair, we have seen the hottest African American female celebrities go glam in blond.

This trend had taken over the fashion world for a while now and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Women of color A-listers who sported blonde hair, include Beyonce, Mary J. Blige,Naomi Campbell, Eve, lil Kim, Keisha Cole, Tyra Banks, Keri Hilson, Christina Milian, Lala Vasquez,Wendy Williams and Cassandra Wilson, to name a few.

Blond colored hair is a very popular trend among African-American female celebrities nowadays whether they are famous singers, actresses, elite socialites or TV reality stars. It is quite a daring move that has been seen often lately on stage, or on the runway as well as the red carpet.

Many mainstream fashion and hair magazines, as well as popular blogs and social media websites, highlight again and again the various blond hair color choices of women.

This bold hair color trend has been made by many celebrities of African descent with various tone of brown skin, which is often considered by many, to be a daring beauty move and an audacious fashion statement.

Today many women of African descent have decided to take a plunge into setting this trend, by changing their hair color from a less subtle dark tone to a more bold and bright hue: Blond and the most effective way to do so is to bleach the hair.

However bleaching dark or black hair isn’t very healthy, as it does generate a lot of damage to the hair strand’s natural state. So opting for a blond hair unit is one of the easiest and safest ways to go blond without using hair bleach.

Choosing a full lace hair unit in any hairstyle and any length in any blond color variation, has never been easier considering the wide range of 100% human hair lace wigs available on the market nowadays.

However knowing which blond hair color tone will work best for women of color can be a challenge.

How to Pick the Right Blond Hair Color for your Skin Tone
First, learn how to pick a hair color that will look best with your skin tone by understanding that everyone has a specific undertone within their skin tone and certain hair colors will complement those tones, allowing the wearer to look younger, refreshed, glowing or in adverse effect causing the wearer’s face to look ashy, dark or older.

Also you will need to decide whether to want a single solid blond hair color or just blond highlights.

As you may have noticed, some celebrities have opted for lighter blond tone highlights to frame their face, while choosing to have a gradual warmer blond hue proceed from the crown to the nape.

Choosing the right Blond Hair color
The important thing to remember thing about choosing a fitting blond hair color is that you want to have some contrast between your face and the blond hair color tone you are sporting, so having a bronze tone or light brown skin tone will show up well with light blonde hair color shades.

Other things to consider is your clothing choice, because very busy prints , as well as heavy stitching or bright almost neon like colors can compete with your hair color in a unflattering fashion, so it is best to wear neutrals or pastel colors as well as solid fabric clothing when picking up dresses, tops , jacket and even jewelries .

First you will need to decide on what Blond color Tone you will go with, so check the blond color chart below to see the various blond hair color tone listed below:
• Golden Platinum
• Pale Golden Blonde
• Honey Blonde
• Brownish Blonde
• Platinum Ash Blonde
• Butterscotch
• Dark Blonde
• Light Beige Blonde
• Light Ash Blonde
• Light Golden Blonde
• Pale Golden Blonde
• Strawberry Blonde

The decision to go with a light or dark blond will also depend on various factors like your lifestyle, your mood or your wardrobe style or even the occasion (e.g. summer time or/and vacation time, entertainment shows)

Some of the most popular blond hair color tones suited for a wide range of brown skinned tones is: Strawberry Blond (color #27), Golden Blond (color #22) and Platinum Blond (Color #613)
(For more information on hair color chart, simply click on the link below)

Is Hair Color only a Fashion Statement or more?
Blonde hair on black women can be strikingly beautiful and can be sported in many ways from classy to fashion stricken to sporty and casual, however being African-American or of African descent and sporting blond hair is often considered by most to be a daring beauty move, interpreted by many as rebellious and against accepted society norms.

Indeed, hair colors are said to be used, by some people as a tool to send a message to the world that one is now willing to take control of one’s own life whether it is by a risk-taking move or a non-conformist attitude or even is some cases by a conservative approach.

What Does Your Hair Color Say About You?
Many times you will hear people say that blond hair makes a person look younger.

However it is also known, that as a person reaches a certain age (blondes included) the need to cover grey hair causes to resort to dying their hair in dark color tones or even black.

Can the color of your hair really cause people to stereotype one’s character and traits?
For instance people say red heads are hot blooded and blondes are air heads and brunettes are smart.
Whereas those who sport a blue, pink and green hair color are considered misfits, anarchists or outcasts from the society due to the non-conformity of their hair color choice.

Thankfully, our way of thinking are changing and society now does recognize that a person’s hair color, nowadays, can just be one of many ways to express one’s personality facet.
Wearing blond hairstyles can just mean that you are fun and like trying new things, and it can just be like wearing a new fun pair of eccentric designer shoes. It can also be a way of showing that you are a true trendsetter.

So keep in mind that, whether blond or not, hair color is just that — hair color.
No matter if you are a woman of color, who wants to sport strawberry blond hair or a woman of Caucasian descent who wants to wear blue hair: “It’s your prerogative” (thanks, Bobby Brown).
Remember to always stay true to yourself and to sport the hair color you like. And always do so because you want it to be that way — not because someone else says that you should or shouldn’t look the way you do. Because hair color, although sometimes stereotyped, is just hair color.
Who need yet another physical attribute to divide us more within our gender — or a race?

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