Afghanistan News: Reflection of Terrorism And Crime

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People who love news about external affairs of their country can never miss Afghanistan news. It is one country that was known as the residing place of world’s most wanted terrorist. American anxiety over this criminal is well known. Special news over this Muslim populated country was thus demanded. India, being one of the neighbors, was constantly aware of the activities on the other side of border. Burgeoning terrorism has made this country quite conducive for crimes. They have to fight even for one time meal. Journalists endanger their life bringing Crime news headlines from such places. They remain on their toes to show what terrorism can do to a country.

Terrorism has become talk of town recently. World war III was even not that much feared. We have tried to take all necessary steps to curb the reasons of this war but terrorism was never considered a challenge of comparable size. Few dissatisfied souls have made others more active negatively. It has taken a demonic shape that we know as Terrorism. The pattern is imitated by any country that can manage funds to fight an unfair war against humanity. Therefore, Afghanistan News and Special News getting amalgamated into one, does not come as surprise to many.

Crime rates go much higher there. The politics is in its worst ditch. Government is not for good of people. They just enjoy feasting on poverty of their countrymen. Women and children are also on verge of destruction from hunger and mismanagement along with country. Situation like these endangers not only the present but also the future generations. Crime news headlines are also for people outside these places. Citizens living in there have already forgotten about life without crime. News matters nothing to them.

Terrorism is not a choice made out of necessity. It only represents the epitome of sickness of human mind. The idea is give birth by some mentally tortured individuals. Now it is in its full swing reaching for more and more disastrous outcomes. Afghanistan is one of those birthplaces. Afghanistan News thus holds more into it than is possible to assimilate for common man. Not only special news but also special treatment to such news is required. People there are in more need than imaginable. Few act, many repay. We need to put a stop on crime news headlines before they can be shaped. The inevitable question how we do it. Is any body listening?

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