Affordable Xmas Gifts For 2009 Save Your Money For Yourself This Christmas Season

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Many people will be trying to save extra money this year and one way to do this is through buying inexpensive Christmas gifts. The good news for these people is there are plenty of good low cost ideas in 2009 as toy and electronics manufacturers have been very responsive to the economic downturn by offering more bargain buys for this holiday season. Here, we have put together a solid list of some of these gift ideas.

My Pal Scout
The My Pal Scout toy is a cross between the classic stuffed animal with high tech computer technology. Here, kids get to play with a fun, soft furred dog that looks like a teddy bear and is interactive. This one can remember the kid's name, favorite food, and more. Even better is kids can play all kinds of games with it and it has a usb port allowing for extra additions to made to the toy. Also, this one even has a night light allowing kids to take this toy to bed too.

Screature Interactive Dinosaur
The Screature Interactive Dinosaur has just the right blend of scary and fun. Kids will be captivated by this toy which will both scare them and fascinate them. Kids quickly pick up how to master this toy and will love showing it off to family and friends. Don't be surprised if they get a ton of mileage out of this gift. It also has a very affordable price tag which is amazing considering all the fun features this toy has.

Ocean Adventure Design Studio
The Ocean Adventure Design Studio is a smart buy for girls. This one offers an arts and craft idea that matches the new computer technology. Here, girls can really test their creativity by using a ton of online tools to make their Printies™ exactly to their liking. Even better is that this product has a very affordable price tag making it a great buy.

Bop It Game
The Bop It Game is a fun game that we think everyone will get a kick out of. This one is an improvement on past versions as it even has an extra feature. For anyone who loves fast action games, they will enjoy this one. Just about everyone can play this one allowing people of all ages to participate and enjoy the game.

The Clipa is a fun low-cost handbag hanger which allows women to be able to hang their purse on a hook at the table of a café or restaurant rather than having to let it sit on the floor or keep it in their lap. This makes it easier to prevent theft and also to keep the purse from getting dirty. Maybe the best part is this item is low cost and obviously its very practical.

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