Affordable Funerals, Are They Possible?

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Few things are as certain as the eventual need to plan a funeral. Unfortunately, many people take care of the details in the midst of turmoil, when planning and decision making is most difficult. In light of the circumstances, many feel uncomfortable in even discussing prices or searching for ways to make the event more affordable. Even the most conservative funerals can cost more than $10,000 to cover basic funeral expenses, and may leave family feeling as if they did not get to commemorate the loved one in a way that they would have desired.

Consumer Rights in Funeral Planning
As in most things, funeral planning is better done pre-need, when emotions are in check and time can be taken to consider options. However, even in cases where a funeral must be planned at the time of need, there are many ways to reduce funeral costs. One of the most important is to do a little quick research and price comparisons. Many people assume that the only place to buy necessary goods, such as caskets, is from the funeral home. It is also frequently assumed that a client must choose from one of the several packages offered at a particular funeral home. The Federal Trade Commission enforces The Funeral Rule, which assures that you have the right to choose only the goods and services you desire from a particular funeral home. This allows you to purchase funeral goods from other companies at discounted rates to be used in a burial.

• You have the right to choose the services you want.
• You have the right to purchase goods elsewhere to be used in a funeral service.
• Find out if your cemetery requires an outer burial container. They are not required by state law in any state in the US, but may be required in some cemeteries to prevent the grave from caving in. If the choice is yours, ask to see a written outer burial container price list.

Resources For Funeral Goods
Like in many things, the advent of the internet has been a huge help in reducing funeral costs. Although it seems an unlikely resource, the internet can be a great help in finding affordable caskets. Many online companies deal specifically with funeral needs and provide many choices in caskets, from modest to ornate. There are many advantages to purchasing caskets online:

• Caskets can be bought online and scheduled for next day delivery.
• Most companies offer a wider selection that would otherwise be available.
• Most caskets can be found at a substantial discount, cutting funeral costs considerably.

• Buying online allows you to buy a higher quality casket more affordably.

Proper Funeral Budgeting Allows You to Give More
It is possible to greatly reduce funeral costs while providing your loved one with the dignified service that honors their life and your love for them. Inexpensive caskets do not have to be ones that are cheaply made or are less attractive. A wide selection of beautiful and affordable caskets, urns and other funeral supplies can be purchased online quite easily.

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