Adwords Theme Packs Review - Legit or Scam?

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Product Description

Adwords Theme Packs consist of pre-written Internet marketing materials designed for pay per click advertising on Google, Overture or other paid search marketing networks. The package is not a tutorial or an e-course, but a database of ad copy for different market niche.

The Adwords Theme Packs cover several niche markets. These include weight loss, health supplements, web design, Internet marketing, work at home business and other target markets. Each copy on the Adwords Theme Packs is written by professional copywriters and organized into specific ad groups.

Detailed Overview

The Adwords Theme Packs package has several thousands of keywords that have been researched by the developers of the products. These keywords belong to several niche markets so you can choose which keyword group would be suitable for your campaign or product. This product promises to give users full control and flexibility in the use of their chosen keywords to make PPC campaign more effective.

The package also has several dozens of professionally written ads. These text ads were written by copywriters, and they can be used immediately for setting up a massive Adwords campaign. Users of Adwords Theme Packs can pull any text ad they want for their products or services with simple copy and paste operation.

The Adwords Theme Packs also include a research tool that allows users to find commonly misspelled keywords and key phrases. The product claims that additional 20% of search engine traffic can be generated by such tool.

Finally, the Adwords Theme Packs provide text ads in optimized formats. However, users can still customize the format of the ads depending on the result of their testing and particular optimization styles.

Each package comes with 6 bonus products worth $165. An additional 2 bonuses also await users once they take the offer of the product developers. The Adwords Theme Packs come with a 60-day risk-free guarantee which is fairly standard for all internet marketing tools and products.

Can You Benefit from the Adwords Theme Packs?

If you are in desperately in need of a quick solution to launch a Google or Overture PPC campaign, then this product would be ideal. Setting up a campaign usually takes less than 5 minutes because all the ads you need are available in the package.

This product is also best for new Adwords advertisers who are not yet adept in creating a campaign. With its point and click interface, any newbie can launch their Adwords campaign without technical help.

However, take note that if you are using the Adwords Theme Packs, other people are probably using it also. So your ad will not be unique and this might cause conversion problems. The entire package also covers limited niche markets. It would be best to carefully determine if your product or services are included in its list of ad group or categories.

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Overall, the Adwords Theme Packs is a very useful product for beginners and for those too busy to create their own ad copy. You can save time by using this product, but there are no guarantees that the pre-written text ads would convert well for you. But if you fancy a plug-in solution that can be launched in minutes, then this may be the right choce for you!

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