Adwords Manifesto Review - Legit or Scam?

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Product Description

The Adwords Manifesto is based on getting a large amount of traffic to your websites through the optimum use of the Google Adwords advertising program. It addresses the problems that many people have when trying to use Google Adwords--the main problem being making less in profits than what was paid for the advertising. The creators of The Adwords Manifesto promise to give you a solid profit-building plan through sound advice and guidance.

Detailed Overview

Google Adwords has been both a blessing and a bane for Internet marketers, depending on how they’ve used it and how well it has worked for them. The Adwords Manifesto training program was created by Michael Jones and Inex Ventures, Inc. to help ensure that the people who bought and implemented it would experience only the best that Google Adwords has to offer. The basics of the Google Adwords program are pretty straightforward. You create small ads that Google runs for you on relevant search pages and each time someone clicks on your ad you pay a certain pre-determined amount. It’s called “pay-per-click” advertising. Placement of your ads depends on such factors as how much you bid to pay for each click, the keywords you use in your ad and what the competition is for those keywords. When you don’t know what you’re doing, you can end up throwing good money away with Google Adwords. The Adwords Manifesto is a program thats purpose is to prevent this from happening.

The Adwords Manifesto takes you step by step through using Adwords to your advantage. This includes choosing the right keywords, writing the right ads and assessing the competition properly. It goes beyond just teaching you how to work the Google Adwords program properly and guides you through the process of building a profitable business around your marketing campaigns.

The complaint that some people have had about The Adwords Manifesto is that it often talks in absolutes, and what works for one person might not work for another. It does this, though, because it was written from experience. What most users of the program have found is that the advice given in the e-book is sound, and for the most part can be utilized by anyone to achieve at least a measure of success.

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Overall, The Adwords Manifesto has gained a good reputation among those who have utilized the program. Though you have to put in the work to see the results, most buyers agree that following the steps and advice in this program can make a huge difference in whether or not an Internet business succeeds with pay-per-click advertising.

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