Advantages and Disadvantages of Having an Engagement Ring

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Every girl has wished of having an engagement ring before she enters into married life. They hope that their partners will give them an engagement ring for it symbolizes bonding and everlasting love between the two of them. For every woman, it is a dream come true if she has a diamond ring on her finger because it reminds her of the proposal.

Having an engagement ring obliges you to take care of it and make it free from dirt. You should be aware of the problems that you will encounter in having this kind of ring. Constant care and cleaning is required with this. Moreover, comprising this type of ring has several advantages and disadvantages. Here are the list of the pros and cons.


1 Has a good quality

Rest assured that having an engagement diamond ring will truly beautify you. An engagement ring has a good quality for it is hard and made of precious metal. You will surely be satisfied having this kind of jewelry.

2 Best investment

For many people, having a diamond engagement ring is the best investment ever. It is truly a treasure you should keep for it is very costly and expensive and can be useful when in times of financial crisis.


1 Can cause allergies to some people
Some rings are made up of nickel. And some people have allergic reactions to nickel. So, before buying a ring, try it first and know if you are sensitive to certain metals.

2 Do not mix with other jewelries
Put in mind that you should not mix the engagement diamond ring with other diamonds and gems. If you store them together, they could immediately scratch and chip one another. In taking care of the ring, enclose it with a tissue paper or utilize a case that is made of fabric lined to ensure safety of your ring.

3 Do not put on your ring while swimming
Take away your ring if you go swimming in a pool or beach. You may lose your ring when you wear them while swimming for it may fall off the beach or pool because your finger will reduce in size when you are in the water. Moreover, do not use your ring when you try to put on oils or balms on your hand for it will put up up unwarranted grime and rubbish and can be a source of dullness to your ring.

So, if you want to buy an engagement ring you can check out diamond ring stores online!

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