Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple iPad

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It seems the Apple's iPad is in great popular among the IT products of the year. The media companies gains new opportunities for getting readers, viewers, and gamers to pay for their content. We can say the ipad has reshaped the computing landscape for consumers. But it will have an equivalent impact on enterprise IT, for speed up creating more must-have gadget and ipad accessories for the up-to-the-minute executive, which may beyond their current status.

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Based on interviews with early adopters and enterprises evaluating the tablet, the iPad with its high quality screen, long battery life, light weight and ease-of-uses, is emerging as a tool for many enterprise users to access e-mail, calendar and corporate documents.

There is lot business man praise the long battery life of ipad. Such as the man who spends a lot of time on international flights and being able to work for 10 or 11 hours is a huge benefit. For some users the size of the iPad is also a perfect fit. It is maybe annoy a lot when they with laptops are too cumbersome and the screens on smartphones are too small, while the ipads are just right.

If came to the conclusion of the iPad, it is perfect for taking down notes at meetings, and stopped using paper notepads, not only it can be used for managing e-mail and reading documents, you also can then use any of the available applications to boil down the notes to a to-do-list, which is what you usually want to do after a meeting. So, in the other hand, the iPad can help cut down on paper in the office. Use the ipad for instead of printing hundreds of pages before every meeting, university board members can all look at the necessary documents on their iPad, and in this way which will soon have saved the cost of buying the iPad.

But for some retailers, the usage of iPad is far more than just for reading e-mail and taking down notes. With the iPad in hand, the retail store's assistants don't have to go back to a computer every time the customer has a question about.

The iPad also can be used as a phone, though it may not have mobile phone functionality built-in. You can corporate network and the Bria VoIP softphone application and talking to other people on the iPad.

IPad can really be an efficient enterprise tool, just depends how to make use of it. For example, you can use a remote or virtual desktop to integrate the iPad with the company Windows environment. You can also use SharePlus Pro from South Labs for Sharepoint document connectivity.

However, nothing is perfect. Ipad has its own defects. Such as: The lack of Flash support on the iPad means a assistant of furniture store can't use Bolia's modeling software to show customers what the sofa would look like in a living room as they would be able to from their desktop PCs with Flash. Even though iPad has high definition display, but it is not equipped with video output interface. Thus, you cannot view full video contents. Ipad cannot Print Documents, becuase it cannot connect to other print jobs. The iPad does not enable readers to read in a long time period because the iPad has no E-link technology or OLED display. This E-Ink E-reader can mimic real books and you will be able to read n a long time without fatigue.

There are some other defects on the ipad, and we look forward to its next generation would get rid of some shortages.

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