Advanced Portrait Retouching - Leveling Up in Photo Editing

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Do-it-yourself Digital Image Editing

When we take pictures, we get upset when we don't like what we see. We immediately press the delete button. If it seems that you don't like the way you or your child appears in the photos, be thankful that digital imaging now has the technology to do some basic and advanced portrait retouching. Actually you can do the portrait retouching editing yourself provided you have the proper image editing software. All you do is follow the how-to's or the tutorials that you find online. The software in itself is also packed with self-learning tutorials that users might follow to do the advanced photo editing themselves. You should also remember that while you look to do some advanced portrait retouching, it sometimes require you to do some basic general adjustments, too. You need to do some of the basic editing before you actually achieve the desired effect that you are looking for.

Moving Forward

Once you are able to make the basic adjustments, you can now move forward to do some corrections and enhancements in advanced portrait retouching. Among the techniques included in advanced portrait retouching would include photo manipulation and removal of the background. There are a number of tools to do this and it would vary depending on the image editing software used.

Removal of Background

Background removal involves taking the backdrop of the pictures where the object is placed. Sometimes the entire background will have to be removed or just some parts of it. Before, this used to be a laborious process and would require to be done in a darkroom. But with digital photo editing software, there are several ways to do this. One can use the magnetic lasso, the background eraser, the channel mask, or the pen. Using these tools will enable you to remove unfavorable background from the portrait, which you can replace with another background or one with a solid color that will complement the clothes worn in the portrait.

Manipulating Photos

Another technique in advanced portrait retouching is photo manipulation. It is actually one of the oldest strategies in photo editing that could be done by professionals and beginners alike. It is one of the processes in digital editing that is continuously evolving bringing in more enhancements on its way so that a better illusion of the photo is arrived.

Photo art is a technique that can be done through photo manipulation as well as image warping and the addition of other special effects. Photo manipulation would also include digital editing, using prints, transparencies, and negatives, which are made into digital images. All these can be achieved by photo manipulation.

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