Adult Acne Products

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Buying the right adult acne product can be a nightmare. The market is saturated with loads of them and each of the companies that make them are blasting their testimonials that theirs is the best. Obviously they're not all the best.

The main problems are that there are degrees of acne, ranging from severe to just a few spots, and that your skin may react differently to someone else's.

The first step is to know what avoid;

1) Avoid exfoliators as they remove heads of spots while they are healing meaning that the spots stay for longer and are more likely to leave scars. In fact if you would like to get rid of your spots completely you should avoid any acne products that have abrasive substances in their ingredients.

2) Use astringent adult acne control products no more than once a week. These types of products do help to dry out the spots so that they heal quicker and can also shrink the pores making it harder for the bacteria to penetrate through the skin, BUT they can be very harsh, especially if they are alcohol based.

If you are planning to buy an adult acne product you should first get yourself into a routine of looking after your skin. This means cutting out the fatty foods that can make acne worse, drinking more fluids, especially water and stop smoking if you are a smoker. You should then cleanse and moisturise every day. Using a topical solution regularly will keep your skin hydrated and clean. This alone will help with your acne.

If after a month of following a routine you are still suffering from adult acne then this is the time to purchase a product. Go to your local chemist/pharmacy and let them look at your skin and offer you products that will suit you and your skin type.

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