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It is not enough to create quality content to attract a modern audience, for the attention of that every day competing thousands of companies - it is necessary to actively be engaged in its optimization and promotion in social networks. SMM promotes brand awareness and reach out to the audience.

SMM promotes brand awareness and reach out to the audience:

Optimization of content for SMM
The purpose of the content - increase brand awareness.
Used mainly short forms of content: updates, posts, images with inscriptions.
Monitoring of social networks allows to define the effectiveness of the content in real time.
Content distribution is due to organic coverage, but recently there has been a trend towards the use of paid advertising.
Efficiency is estimated by the number of views, likes and repost.
Conversion and ROI measure is difficult.

This complicated process can be automated. This will greatly facilitate the work of SMM management and increase the overall KPI. Adsnooper will quickly pick up the information for analytical systems. This will not only expedite the work, but allow for more in-depth analysis and better optimize content.

What content strategy is?

If you want your content to work and to increase brand recognition and to customer satisfaction, answer the following questions before developing a content strategy (or, if you will hire a specialist, ask him these questions):

1. Attract the audience:

How will you distribute every single article or post?
Will there be interconnected different publication? In what way? (As you hold the reader's attention?)
How will you promote the content in social networks?
What phrases will you use for search engine optimization content?

2. Involving:

How do you get readers to respond to your content (comments, likes, to share with friends)?
In what context it is necessary to present your sentences so they were relevant to the needs of customers and forced them to perform the desired action?
When readers find your content if they can say, "Yes, that's exactly what I was looking for"?

3. Conversion:

How your content is convince the reader in the need to take the next step? Do not forget that the content must always point to the reader what you expect at each stage of the sales funnel. This may be a repost, newsletter subscription, download brochures, recording the webinar, filling out a form or participate in an affiliate program.

Be sure to think about these issues in the preparation of content strategy. Skillfully combine SEO and SMM, and then your quality, and optimized content distribution will pay off again and again.

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