Adsense Masters Course Review - Legit or Scam?

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Product Description

The Adsense Masters Course is a course created by a warrior forum member named John (username XFactor). This course teaches you the strategies John has used to make $300 a day from Adsense. The book goes from teaching you how to find profitable small niche markets to placing the ad blocks correctly to maximize earnings.

Detailed Overview

A few years ago, Adsense was one of the most popular ways to earn money online. There have been numerous books and courses being sold to profit with Googleís contextual program. However, ever since Google made changes to their quality score and created stricter rules, this hurt a lot of marketersí Adsense income.

John revisits the Adsense business model and proves that it still works. More importantly, he has built a six figure business with Adsense. The Adsense Masters Course is a 90+ page ebook that explains every step of the process from how he started to what John is doing now to continue growing his Adsense business.

Johnís strategy focuses on targeting small niche markets rather than bigger sites. These niche markets are easier to rank and get free traffic for than more competitive markets. As I started to read the book, it was clear to me that this wasnít like the other Adsense books in the market.

Most other Adsense courses feel like an introduction to Adsense, and you may pick up a couple of placement tips on increasing CTR for more earnings. This is not the case with the Adsense Masters Course. Youíll learn how to evaluate markets, conduct keyword research for maximum earnings, build sites and get free traffic to the search engines.

The whole book showcases great examples and simplifies everything so that you can apply them in the real world. The focus is on Johnís step-by-step strategy rather than an overview of Adsense. It follows a specific business model that John has used to build his income and is not based on theory.

I really appreciate the fact that John doesnít use any fancy keyword tools you have to pay a monthly fee for. They also do not have a difficult learning curve at all. Most of the tools that are used are free so this course is perfect for people who donít have a lot of money to invest.

But the best part is the strategy on creating content and the exact strategy to build links and get ranked in the search engines. Iíve read some courses where they depended on black hat strategies for quick income but John focuses on a long term model you can actually build on.

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The bottom line is that this is an excellent course on Adsense that focuses on a proven model. Itís not another guide that teaches you all about Adsense and gives you some placement tips. Many customers have given rave reviews about this course, and I recommend it if you want to a real model you can follow to build an Adsense income.

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