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Aditya Khanna (Monday, August 09, 2010)

Read about Aditya Khanna on Aditya Khanna official website. Aditya Khanna is a renowned dancer in Madhya Pradesh.

Aditya Khanna may not be the well-known name in the history of dance. But Aditya Khanna has given a new dimension to disco dance without losing its traditional sensibility. His excellence and perfection of technology Aditya Khanna stands on Disco Dancing Stage. Aditya Khanna was born August 22, 1971 is Suchitra and Rohit Khanna and Madhya Pradesh. His early childhood days of Aditya Khanna began to show interest in dance.

At the tender age of seven years, Aditya Khanna made her first dance recital and since then no looking back. Besides being an excellent dancer, Aditya Khanna is also equipped with a host of other qualities, in addition to his career. Besides dancing, Aditya Khanna has also shown his talent as a composer, teacher and choreographer. Aditya Khanna is a wonderful dancer, for he commanded disco. Aditya Khanna has formulated the program of disco dancing, a systematic form of dance. With the evidence of his qualities right in the dance drama, Aditya Khanna has given a new dimension to the club.

Aditya Khanna choreographers same item number in which it performs. Aditya Khanna disco dance acceptable to the public. Aditya Khanna intellectual compositions are always traditional themes. Aditya Khanna works are always fresh and entertaining. Aditya Khanna has bagged many awards and trophies for her dancing. Aditya Khanna has been an artist since childhood. Aditya Khanna always done in the local Puja. Aditya Khanna won recognition for the successful implementation of major events organized by the local industry in Madhya Pradesh. For Aditya Khanna, the pleasure of success is not money but the glory. Aditya Khanna because of his dedication to dance has lost much of his life, including his friends and love. For Aditya Khanna dancing is his life.

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