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Have you ever read a book that left you hungry for the next title in the series? Or anxiously anticipating and counting down to the release of a new title? These are addictive books- books that you simply can’t put down once you start reading the first page! What makes a book series so addictive? Here’s our two-cents’ worth of why bestselling book series are so popular.

Mind-Blowing Plots
Every bestselling novel must have an exciting and sustainable plot that engages the readers thoroughly throughout the book series. Usually, book titles in a series are based on the same concept but with different emphasis to demonstrate progression in the storyline. For example, The Hunger Games trilogy revolves around a strong plot that has attracted countless readers and received positive critical reviews. Based on a dystopic world with an authoritarian government, children are forced to represent their district as tributes in the Hunger Games, where they fight to survive. As the death toll increases, only one winner will remain. This thrilling concept is truly a perfect start for an excellent plot that attracts readers of all ages.

Has it ended? What’s Next?

After faithfully finishing one title, the ending of the novel sometimes is left open-ended with many unanswered questions, leaving room for imagination for the readers to anticipate the next title in the series. In Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter series, Book 3), readers are left wondering what is to happen to Sirius Black after escaping from prison and Harry Potter after learning about the truth behind his parents’ deaths. The suspense left off from the 3rd book then creates excitement for the 4th book, which has another open-ended ending that creates more excitement for the 5th book… And the cycle continues.

Characters You Just Can’t Part With
In every “addictive” book series, there are often characters that you simply just want to see more of throughout the novel. Take for instance the anguish experienced by fans of the star-crossed Twilight saga lovers Bella and Edward when the pair was torn apart over and over again. Or the sympathy that readers felt for Greg in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid as he struggled with his middle school problems. Growing to love the book’s characters, readers then become more motivated to find out more about their favourite characters by reading on in the series.

For Aspiring Novelists…
Bestselling book series usually encompass a perfect mix of characters, plot and quality writing that effectively engages readers in the storyline. It is no wonder why these novels have gathered such a strong fan base for the novels. Aspiring novelists who hope to launch a series one day should certainly consider these points when aiming to write an “addictive” book series that will be popular with readers.

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