Add Volume to Your Lips with LipSense

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Are you tired of seeing your pale thin lips which does not seem to have any appeal of their own? Do you covet the perfect pout, but cannot because you have no volume to your lips? Are you tired of seeing beautiful lips, and hating them because you cannot have them?

Well, maybe this is your lucky day!

LipSense might just have the thing for you. The trouble of thin lips is that they are associated with drying out quickly and look chapped. LipSense lip gloss, highlighters, shimmers and glimmers would quickly stop this from happening. Far from looking dried out and downright unappealing, your lips would look soft, sweet and perfectly kissable. The secret behind this is simple; all you have to do is wear the gloss over your lipstick or without, and it would provide a protective layer while adding gloss and glamour to your lips, but at the same time it would maintain the natural moisture of the lips, thanks to the Shea Butter which is one of the major components of this product.

Now you might be wondering how to apply these. Well, the best way is to just put your LipSense lipstick on first, and follow it out by one or more layer of the gloss. This would stick to your lips and add to the moisture and volume of the thinness of your lips. A touch of highlighter would add to the depth of your lips, making them look shinier, softer and more alluring.

You can also use your lip liner skillfully to help get the perfect contour. A lot of make-up artists swear that if the liner is used slightly over the line of one's lips, it is bound to make lips look fuller and larger than it is. You can surely try this, but keep in mind that the color of the liner does not defer much from the color of the lipstick. Using an applicator and filling up the lips is a good plan, and you can always be in control of how you put in the amount.

Lastly, if there is any spillage, then use a good quality lipstick remover. Here, Ooops! Lipstick remover from LipSense is the perfect product to get rid of the unwanted extra lipstick. You can use these products and notice the difference yourself within days, and catch admiring glances which would surely be thrown at your direction.
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