Add Volume and Bounce to Fine, Limp Hair

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Hair texture can be generally categorized into these general types: fine and thin, dry, coarse and wiry, greasy or frizzy. Due to the fact that there are different types of hair texture it is important to maintain your hair with the products specially made for the texture of your hair. For instance, for fine limp hair a heavy conditioner or styling aid would not be recommended.

This article will address fine limp hair and simple tips and techniques that can bring out body and add volume to your hairstyle.

First and foremost, fine, thin hair has a tendency to fall flat and shapeless in a short amount of time after styling. This is due to the fact that it lacks body. Additionally, the right hair cut is essential to bring out body and volumne.

Hair Care Products:

The right hair care products can play a significant role in adding volume to fine hair. Thus, when styling your hair consider a mousse as they are lightweight. Hair gels and pastes can also be used if they are not too heavy. Conditioner is usually a heavy product and great for those with thick or coarse hair, however for fine hair consider skipping the conditioner and use a light detangling spray if needed. The bottom line here is to opt for hair care products that do not weigh the hair down any further.

Hair Styling Tips:

If you use a blow dryer regularly, consider blow drying your hair with your head upside down. Another option when blow drying your hair is to pull the hair straight up at the roots with a hair brush or your fingers thus creating tension and lift at the roots. For those with an asymmetrical haircut blow dry your hair in opposite direction of the way you wear your hair. If you are trying to achieve a straight style with volume use a blow dryer and paddle brush instead of heavy hair straightening products. For those that like curls, hot rollers are your best choice.

Hair Style:

Your haircut can play a significant role in adding volume to your hair. Consider these options:

Cropped - The cropped hair style is probably the simplest to maintain. It is especially good for those with small and thin faces. It is easy to add height and volume with a little bit of mouse or light gel.

Bob - this style compliments most face shapes especially those with a heart shaped facial structure. The bob frames the face and by ending the hair at the chin it gives the illusion of an oval face instead of a pointy chin. The bob can be a versatile hair style with side bangs or bangs and looks great with or without highlights.

Layered - layered, choppy hair styles are good for all lengths of hair because it is so versatile. The layered cut can be worn flipped up or down, waves, scrunched curls, etc.

With so many great styling products and styling tools on the market, even fine, limp hair can achieve volume and bounce.

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