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Your love for photography has to be powered by some technical knowledge, in order to make your friends go wow. Itís how you use the frame of your camera, and what subjects you pick for photography that matter more than how good is your camera. Itís you who will be taking photographs and handling your camera for the purpose. Your camera wonít take decisions.

The fact is that you are always going to find a better camera. But even the best camera will be of no use if you donít know the basics of photography. You can earn money as a freelancer with some knowledge of photography, through the freelance gig sites. So take care to read the following.

Taking good picture boils down to how well you see your picture or how you compose the subjects. Some knowledge of painting helps a lot. You donít have to be a painter yourself. But have a look at great paintings, and what you can find in them is depth.

Likewise, a great photograph should have depth so that the picture has a three dimensional feel. This makes the photograph look more real. It gives the frame a wide coverage which gives the photograph a great look. To give depth to your photograph you should place your subject off the center of the frame. The eye of the viewer should move diagonally over the photograph.

While photographing a subject you should get down to its level. You should hold your camera at the subjectís eye level. This works great if you are photographing kids or pets. The subject doesnít necessarily have to look into your camera. A profile view of your subject always looks better. Always opt for a plain background for your subject rather than a cluttered background.

Photography is as much about aesthetics as it is about technique and as a freelancer you should be able to blend the two adequately. You should use flash outdoors to minimize the shadows on the face of your subject when the sun is directly overhead or right behind your subject. Use flash on cloudy days as well.

You should take closer snaps of your subject in order to emphasize it. Take care to lock the focus on your subject. And you should always take into consideration the kind of light your subject needs.

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