Add Brown Rice To Your Diet

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Brown rice is a healthier addition to your food storage plan. However, white rice will store indefinitely. Rice tends to be a very popular food item in most people’s diet. Many people in the world use rice as one of their main food sources.

While white rice is nice because it is so soft, brown rice has more of a chewiness to it. Many people like this as well as the nutty and rich flavor that brown rice has.

The problem that can happen with the consumption of rice is if you eat too much white refined rice. This is rice where the bran or fiber has been removed along with some very important B vitamins.

In countries where white rice was first developed, it became very popular. However, because the important vitamins had been removed, there was a disease called beri-beri that people started getting.

This disease was caused by a deficiency of one of the B-vitamins. When the cure for beri-beri was finally found, vitamins were added back to the white rice to counteract the deficiency.

The problem though is that many people eat white rice which is still low in nutrition and fiber. It has been found to be one of the contributing problems for diabetes.

Many people in America have gluten sensitivities and find rice to be a very good food to include in place of breads and pastas. Many mothers use rice as an early food that is easy for babies to get used to.

If you have allergies, a lot of times, your doctor may put you on a special elimination diet to discover what foods you may be allergic to. Rice is usually included as a starter food, because it is so easy for the body to deal with.

On the contrary, brown rice has been found to be helpful in preventing and curbing the problems of diabetes. Brown rice happens to be very high in fiber with is an element that diabetic patients need a lot of.

Brown rice can be made softer by adding more water when it is steamed and cooking it a little longer. Storage-wise, brown rice is best kept in the freezer.

Because of the natural oils found in brown rice, it can go rancid if you store it in a cupboard at room temperature for months at a time. Some brown rice can be sealed in a can and stay fresh for up to four years with an oxy-pack added.

You can save money if you buy it in 25 pound bags. Then, you can fill gallon-sized plastic Ziploc bags and use one at a time. It takes about one cup of brown rice to every 2 ˝ cups of water.

You can use it for sweet or savory dishes, for desserts or main casseroles and salads. It is very versatile and can usually be added to most recipes without any problem.

Cooking rice is a very easy thing to do. You can't over cook or under cook rice but you will want to cook it to the consistency you enjoy. If you prefer a firmer rice over a pasty rice you will want to be sure to make note at how long it takes to get to that point.

The way I cook it is by bringing the rice to a boil, then lower the heat to a simmer and put the lid on. Check it in 30 minutes. It should look dry with various steam holes at the top.

Brown rice holds a lot more nutrients than white rice. Keep both on hand for a variety in your cooking. Be sure to look up other recipes you will enjoy so cooking isn't a chore.

Cade Lennox is a food and health expert. He has written dozens of article about nutrition and food storage.

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