Actually Curl/wave Thick Straight Hair

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How to actually curl/wave thick straight hair by using gel or mousse without involve using curling irons?
I hope this step by step tip could be useful for you:

1. Shampoo hair w/product for hair type, texture & condition
2. Rinse & apply rinse out conditioner for hair type, texture & condition.
3. Finish w/ cool/cold rinse.
4. Towel blot to remove excess moisture.
5. Separate hair into 1-2 inch sections.
6. Apply mousse or gel to each section and then blow dry using round brush to help give hair bend and direct air flow DOWN the hair shaft from roots to the the ends.
7. When each section is 80% dry, use fingers to roll the section into a big barrel curl or ringlet shape. Pin the curl to your scalp.
8. Move to the next section of hair. Repeat.
9. At the end you should have a head full of barrel or ringlet curls pinned to your scalp.
10. Go back over each section and blow dry on slow setting with cool/cold air to "set" the curls.
11. Let hair set in the rollers as long as possible.

12. Remove right before you go out and "finger pick" curls into desired style or brush out to create loose waves.
13. Finish with good hold hairspray

Other options:

1. Set "damp" strands with mousse or gel and then roll with soft rag curlers from Conair or old fashioned strips. Sleep on the set and in the morning you will have curls.
2. Apply mousse to "damp strands" and then braid all of the hair into 3 strand braids. The tighter the braid, the tighter the waves. Separate hair into multiple sections and apply lots of braids which will give lots of different curl and wave patterns.
3. Apply mousse to "damp hair" and roll with Velcro rollers. Sit under a hood dryer which is much less damaging than using a curling iron or hot rollers. Mousse could gives a softer hold, gel a together hold.

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