Activ eBook Compiler Review - Legit or Scam?

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Product Description

Activ eBook Compiler software allows a person to create eBooks from different data sources such as Microsoft Word, HTML and Microsoft PowerPoint files. These are ideal for generating downloadable materials for marketing and online selling purposes. The generated eBook can be readily executed and viewed by the user with the use of compilation techniques that the Activ eBook Compiler software uses.

Detailed Overview

The Active eBook Compiler software is an easy-to-use eBook generator. The program contains several features that can help online marketers to distribute their electronic products without the hassle of manually editing and converting files. It can create unlimited number of eBooks ranging from HTML files to Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. There are no restrictions on the size of the eBook to be generated by the software. In terms of file contents, the software can successfully convert images, animation, scripts as well as browser plug-ins, into the created eBook. The Activ eBook Compiler also supports other useful features within the generated eBook such as the ability to insert hyperlinks to websites. It also comes with a security feature that protects the whole copy as well as selected pages of the eBook to unauthorized viewers.

The Activ eBook Compiler software does not have any royalties or subscription fees in order for the user to utilize the system on an ongoing basis. It is also integrated with content protection system that disables right-mouse clicking and viewing of the HTML source code. This prevents the data within the eBook to be stolen for plagiarism. There is a smart system that sets the eBook to expire within certain period if the user fails to enter the necessary password. The software also has other useful features such as a built-in search engine and rebrander that can be used by other people to co-brand the eBook.

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The Activ eBook Compiler software has several benefits that can be very advantageous for online marketers. The eBooks conveniently enables selling of information to online clients. Aside from that, users can easily create these eBooks at a low overhead cost from simple, every day used file formats. These advantages demonstrated by the Activ eBook Compiler software make it one of the most effective producers of viral marketing tools and digital products.

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