Acne Treatments Via Diet Control

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What you eat and the way it reacts with your body could be one of the reasons that you suffer from acne. What we do not realize is that a lot of the food that we eat on a day to day basis can actually make your skin prone to breakouts. Of course this need not necessarily be the only reason but controlling your diet is a good way to start getting rid of acne. Modifying your diet will not do you any harm so it is a good idea to explore it as one of the possible acne treatments. Here are a few tips on the diet:

The dos

Diets for acne treatments require that you follow certain guidelines in order for you to be able to overcome the breakouts. The first thing that you need to do is ensure that you drink plenty of water. 6-7 glasses in a day are recommended. It is also important that you eat about five portions of vegetables and fruits that are colored. Red, yellow and orange are the colors you need to look for. Seeds that are fresh, essential fats and foods that are organic and rich in fibre are essential too. You might also want to try substitutes for dairy products like cheese and milk. Restrict your intake of coffee and tea to 2 cups per day and avoid alcohol.

The don'ts

Acne treatments via diet control will be most effective if you eliminate certain things from your diet as well. Sugar is one such thing. Sugar in any form should be avoided, even in the form cakes, biscuits etc. Refined carbohydrates or in other words foods that contain white flour should be avoided too. Fried and fatty foods should be replaced in your diet completely. Processed foods and foods with preservatives in them should be avoided completely as well. It will also do you good to stay away from cigarettes.

Your meal plans

If you are choosing the diet option as one of your acne treatments, here's what your meals should look like.

Breakfast: Fresh fruits, yoghurt, pumpkin seeds, oats museli, hazelnuts and apple juice.

Lunch: Baked potato, celery, tomato, spring onions, tuna and olive oil. You can also add some lemon juice. Other fresh vegetables with pepper, cottage cheese and pumpkin seeds can also work.

Dinner: Lean meat, chicken or grilled fish are good options. Vegetarian options can be soya, lentils and beans.


Acne treatments via diets do not have to be boring. You are allowed to snack and have a few beverages as well. If you want to snack, your best options are nuts, fruits and vegetables. You can combine the vegetables with hummus. For your drink options, fruit and herbal teas will be a good choice. Vegetable and fruit juices are also allowed. However these need to be fresh. If you are looking for something different, try a smoothie.

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